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You’re in control with Hitachi Zaxis-7 excavators 

Southcut Plant & Civil's Hitachi ZX135-7 excavator

Hitachi’s Zaxis-7 series of medium excavators are designed to marry safety, comfort, and productivity, while giving operators full control over their experience.

With a strong focus on technology and the future, the development of the Hitachi Zaxis-7 series of excavators was driven by the goal of creating next-generation solutions. This was accomplished through a thorough review and refinement of its technology, taking into account both natural and work environments. The result is a new level of performance in the industrial world, seamlessly integrating human qualities into the Zaxis-7 series.

The Hitachi ZX135-7
Tom purchased his Hitachi ZX135-7 excavator in late 2022, and has been thrilled with the results.

In 2022, Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty Ltd (HCA) proudly introduced the Zaxis-7 range of medium excavators to the Australian market, empowering customers to take full control of their safety, fleet management, profitability, and comfort thanks to its enhanced reliability, versatility, and productivity.

Among the satisfied customers is Tom Hance, the owner of Southcut Plant & Civil, a Melbourne-based company specialising in equestrian/horse arenas, local council, and civil construction projects. Tom purchased a Hitachi ZX135-7 excavator in late 2022, and he couldn’t be happier with his decision.

“The ZX135-7 truly stands out when it comes to completing precise final trim work; it’s a dream to operate,” he says. “The boys are able to complete jobs more efficiently with less fatigue due to the new cab.”

The ZX135-7 helps Tom and his team effortlessly tackle everything from final trimming to heavy lifting.

Offering an expansive cab that sets a new industry standard for spaciousness, coupled with a synchronised console, these enhancements not only increase operator comfort but also reduce fatigue.

The redesigned interior significantly enhances operator visibility through features such as LED work lights, an effective windscreen wiper, generously sized reflective strips, and roller sunshades.

Additional notable features are the inclusion of a standard 270-degree rear camera, complete with an object proximity sensor ensuring a heightened level of safety within the work environment. The ISO standard TOPS and ROPS cab with seat belt further strengthens operator safety and protection.

Tom feels like a valued member of Hitachi’s “orange family”.

The excavator comes with built-in Consite capabilities, facilitating real-time monitoring of machine performance. This plays a crucial role in pre-emptive maintenance and prolonging the machine’s lifespan. Additionally, an alarm display is integrated to promptly alert the operator to any issues, enabling swift attention.

The ZX135-7’s 2D GPS hydraulics have greatly increased its versatility, allowing the Southcut team to effortlessly tackle various jobs, from final trim applications requiring a super-smooth operation to tree work that demands heavy lifting capabilities. Thanks to the renowned Hitachi hydraulic system, fuel consumption is reduced compared to the previous models.

With upcoming contracts for an equestrian complex past Ballarat, Victoria, and several arena builds scheduled for the spring-summer of 2023, the team at Southcut have a full schedule ahead. The ZX135-7 will primarily be utilised on bulk earthworks and drainage on local council projects.

The decision to purchase the ZX135-7 excavator was driven by its exceptional reliability and the support network it offered. Tom sought “a machine that would continue to perform well past the factory warranty date” and was pleased to find that dealing with the service and parts team at Hitachi’s Melbourne branch was an exceptional experience, further strengthening his confidence in the global brand.

During his interactions with HCA’s Sales Representative Wesley Don, Tom was impressed by the professionalism, punctuality, and transparency demonstrated. Right from the beginning, Tom was treated like a valued member of Hitachi’s “orange family,” inspiring him to make a second purchase – a ZX85 excavator in March 2023.

The Hitachi Zaxis-7 range of excavators has truly made a mark in the industry with its cutting-edge technology and operator-friendly features. Tom’s positive experience with his ZX135-7 speaks volumes about the success of this new generation of excavators.

To check out the range of Zaxis-7 excavators, visit:, or call 1300 HITACHI to arrange a test drive.


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