XCMG XE55U Mini Excavator With Hunter Valley Paintball

As the third largest construction equipment manufacturer in the world, XCMG has built a global reputation for innovation, reliability, and performance throughout its entire range of machinery – including excavators, graders, rollers, forklifts and more.

Now, following XCMG’s introduction to the Australian market, its equipment is already impressing customers nationwide with premium quality and exceptional value-for-money.

One such customer is Tim Miller, owner operator of Hunter Valley Paintball in New South Wales, who recently acquired the renowned XCMG XE55U 5.5 tonne mini-excavator.After running various machines to develop and maintain his expansive paintball facility throughout the past 30 years, Tim has been extremely impressed by his new XE55U, which he states is an ideal machine for construction operators and farmers alike.

One of the most notable features of the XE55U – as is the case with every machine in the XCMG range – is the focus that the machine’s engineers have placed upon maximising overall performance.

Under the hood is a powerful yet efficient Kubota V2403 diesel engine, delivering 41 horsepower and 160 Nm torque, yet maintaining low fuel consumption thanks to modern reduction technologies. Utilising the popular Kubota V2403 motor ensures cost-effective servicing and economical parts replacement throughout the reliable engine’s long lifespan.

Furthermore, the XE55U boasts a superb hydraulic system designed to produce supreme performance when compared to many competitors’ mini excavators in the five to six tonne size class. With an overall system flow of 158 litres per minute, single bi-directional piping, a Rexroth pump, and digging forces of 44.5kN for the bucket and 24.3kN for the arm, Tim has been especially pleased by the machine’s hydraulics. “I have no problem lifting heavy blocks, the controls are smooth and easy no matter what I’m doing, and I can put all sorts of hydraulic attachments on it because it’s already piped with good flow,” said Tim.

“The machine also has hose burst protection valves on the sides of the boom, in case I lift something too heavy, which is a great safety feature on this machine. My other machine didn’t have that, so when it went, there was hydraulic pressure coming out of the hose.

So that was one of the big selling points that I looked at with this machine, for the safety side of things,” said Tim.

The XE55U is also loaded with plenty of additional features that are useful to any owner or operator, including Tim. “The machine comes with a tilt blade so that I can do my own grading, and I can slew my blade around and push the dirt off the side to make the driveway level,” states Tim. “I can use any sort of attachments like buckets, mulchers and hammers as well.”

The short tail design and tighter slewing radius of the XE55U ensures safer, more effective operation on smaller scale job sites, whilst a modern, spacious and climate-controlled cab ensures maximum operator comfort on even the longest workdays. In addition, daily maintenance of all main components is conducted via a single access point, and service costs are reduced as a result of longer intervals and common brand componentry.

Whilst being ideal for construction workers undertaking both small and large projects, the XE55U is also perfectly suited to farmers and property owners needing a reliable, versatile and value-for-money machine. Tim certainly agrees, stating “I think it’d be really good for the farmer to do his driveways, clean up around his property and do his firebreaks, for example.”

“Overall, I’ve been very happy with the machine, and it’s certainly an upgrade over my previous excavator models and has been a very easy machine to transfer to,” said Tim.

XCMG understand that providing a high quality, economical machine is only half of the job – every machine delivered must be backed by exceptional after-sales support that is entirely customer-focused and designed to minimise machine downtime.

XCMG have consequently established a nationwide network of parts, service and support agents who are factory-trained and highly experienced to assist with any machine requirement. Tim and Hunter Valley Paintball, for example, have an authorised XCMG dealer only 20 minutes away from his facility; XCMG Sales & Service in Newcastle can provide any service or parts requirement to Tim and his crew quickly and easily.

In addition, as a global company with manufacturing facilities on most continents, XCMG have a worldwide parts supply network delivering shipments of all machine componentry to Australia on a regular basis. XCMG dealers in Australia stock ample parts on the shelf that can be utilised across all machine models, for same-day or overnight supply.

Therefore, because of XCMG’s renowned machine reliability coupled with the brand’s comprehensive national service network, XCMG machine owners have the peace of mind that machine downtime will be minimised to a level that is virtually unmatched in the industry.

For more information about XCMG’s diverse range of construction, mining and agriculture equipment, visit www.xcmgmachinery.com.au

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