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XCMG Sydney delivers all round product and service offering

XCMG Sydney has built its reputation around not only providing its clients high-quality equipment and industry-leading technologies, but also stocking a comprehensive range of attachments and accessories, underpinning a strong commitment to going above and beyond in developing efficient customised solutions.

Managing Director Sassin Bey draws on a broad range of experience in the earthmoving equipment industry, telling EEM that he had initially started out 15 years ago selling secondhand tools and equipment.

“This lead to partnering up with my cousins, Michael Bek and Mark Tadros, importing excavators, loaders and dumpers from the UK and USA in 2012 under the name Australian Equipment Wholesalers, which is the mother company,” he said.

“In 2020, we signed up to distribute and service rock saw manufacturer Austramac nationally, which put us on the mission to find an OEM earthmoving manufacturer to supply our customers with quality equipment, establishing us as a one-stop earthmoving supply and service centre.”

D&D Diesel Service General Manager
David Kapahnke had put Sassin in touch with XCMG Deputy General Manager for Australia Roy Rossini, ultimately leading to the partnership between the two companies.

“Multiple meetings later, sharing the same vision we signed up, and are now one of the fastest growing, highest stockists of the third largest manufacturer in the world,” Sassin commented.

“That’s how XCMG Sydney started, and with many years of industry experience, a growing team and systems in place, we will continue to grow.”

Sassin told EEM that XCMG Sydney has since grown to oversee three locations – its Sydney Chullora head office, along with locations in Wollongong and Canberra – pointing to the varied benefits of the XCMG range when it comes to standing out in a competitive marketplace.

He also highlighted XCMG Sydney’s commitment to client-focused service support as providing strong additional value and peace of mind.

“Our XCMG range is extremely compre-hensive, featuring the latest technology and quality components, along with the most compatible warranty, and best of all our service and pricing puts us a step ahead of our competitors,” he said.

“Our excavator range, from 1.7 to 50 t, is all in stock, all civil spec, highest safety spec (factory e-stops, beacons, anti-burst valves, ROPS/FOPS, double-locking Miller hitches), and our turnaround time is the fastest in the industry.”

Among the XCMG Sydney range, the XE155ECR crawler excavator weighs in at an operating weight of 16.67 t and runs a 90 kW Cummins B4.5 engine, with it designed to get the job done across a range of tasks including excavation, loading, levelling, trenching, crushing, drilling, clamping and lifting.

Towards the larger end of the excavator range, the XE370D crawler excavator weighs in at 36.8 t, runs a 212 kW Isuzu GH-6 engine – and, like the XE155ECR, can be let loose on tasks including excavation, loading, levelling, trenching, crushing, drilling, clamping and lifting.

Both the XE155ECR and XE370D feature high-quality structural components, exceptional hydraulic capability, comfortable operation and excellent safety, and provide overall premium performance and reliability.

Sassin emphasised that XCMG Sydney is focused on delivering its clients all-round assistance, beyond simply selling equipment, with it having put together its product and service offering around catering for a range of requirements.

This effectively allows XCMG Sydney to cater for diverse client needs, with it capable of developing highly productive customised solutions, decked out to tackle specific tasks and projects.

“At XCMG Sydney we don’t only supply the equipment and leave you pondering on where to source attachments and accessories,” he said.

“We stock everything in-house, from Dozco hydraulic hammers to Austramac rock saws, the Auger Torque full auger range, Sureweld ramps, trailers and even accessories, such as diesel tanks, grease guns, lubricants and tool chests for maintenance.”

This focus on providing a one-stop shop service has led to the ongoing expansion of XCMG Sydney’s supply capabilities, with Sassin pointing to the comprehensive range of machinery and parts it now has at the ready for its clients.

“In less then 12 months, we’ve gone from stocking a dozen pieces of XCMG equipment to currently having over 10 million in stock,” he said.

In turn, XCMG Sydney has enjoyed strong growth in recent years, with it continuing to add new members to its workforce and evolve its service offering as it stakes out a strong position in the market.

Sassin told EEM that the outlook is bright moving forward, building on the back of both the quality XCMG machinery range and its client-focused service offering.

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