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XCMG on another level


Chinese manufacturer XCMG has been steadily growing the presence of its construction machinery in Australia, and the mining industry is next.

Jason Keays, Business Development Manager for XCMG Mining in Australia, foresees a bright future for his company in Australia’s booming mining industry.

“We’ve had some great success with our construction gear, as people are starting to push past that stigma of Chinese manufactured machinery,” he says. “XCMG is the number one OEM in China, and number three worldwide – and that’s not by chance.”

The future of manufacturing

In keeping with global manufacturing trends, earthmoving manufacturers are increasingly embracing technological advancements. According to Jason, XCMG is leading the charge on this front.

“In my role, I’ve spent quite a bit of time over in China in the past year,” he says. “What they’re doing in the XCMG factories over there is incredible. They’re leaning very heavily into the latest manufacturing technology, including doing some amazing things with robotics.”

Jason says this is critical if XCMG is to keep up with growing demand.

“This is allowing them to take their production to another level, while maintaining a very high level of quality,” he says.

Additionally, the manufacturer also maintains a global presence with its research, development, and field-testing operations, with its Chinese operations supported by major facilities in Germany, Brazil, the United States, and India.

A massive range

Jason says XCMG’s huge range of mining spec equipment positions the manufacturer perfectly to support the Australian mining industry.

“We understand mining in Australia, the unique challenges the industry faces, as well as the harsh environments its equipment is expected to withstand,” he says.

XCMG’s mining excavators, for example, are designed to balance operating efficiency with minimised operation costs – all with the durability required by intensive mining applications.

“We can supply excavators from 100 tonnes all the way up to 700 tonnes,” Jason says. “We’ve also seen a lot of interest brewing elsewhere in the mining range, particularly for our large 50-tonne wheel loaders.

“These are powered by Cummins engines, and built to deliver quality, reliability, and great value in equal measure.”

Additionally, XCMG adds further value to its mining offering with its dump truck range, including the powerful XDE440 Mining Truck, as well as the XDE260 Electric Drive Dump Truck.

A major player in the construction game, XCMG has its sights set on the Australian mining space. Image: XCMG

Keeping it sustainable

Decarbonisation is a huge focus in the mining space, as it is for most industries. And Jason says XCMG is more than keeping up with all the other OEMs in terms of what’s on offer – as well as what’s soon to come.

“As we all know, there’s still plenty of work to be done on the infrastructure side to make electric machinery fully viable in Australia,” Jason says. “But the future’s looking very exciting.”

For XCMG, part of that future is already here, with the manufacturer’s first electric wheel loader, the XC968EV, generating big interest across the world.

“We have three here in Australia currently,” Jason says. “And we’re receiving a lot of inquiries about them.”

He adds that the path to electrification in the mining sector is in many ways more straightforward, given a lower requirement for constant mobility in applications such as large- scale open-pit mining.

“In cases like these where the excavator is semi-stationary, it can often be wired directly to a substation, which means you don’t have to worry about keeping batteries charged,” says Jason.

Of course, one of the cornerstones of sustainability is providing machinery that businesses can trust for the long-term, and not have to replace regularly. And a big part of this trust is built on the foundations of backup support – something Jason says XCMG is taking very seriously in Australia, with its national network of dealerships and service agents.

“Your gear is only as good as your support,” he says. “And anyone in the market for robust equipment – whether it’s for construction or mining – can be confident that XCMG has boots on the ground across Australia to support customers.”

Overall, Jason is confident that 2024 is going to be a big year for XCMG in Australia.

“There’s lots of exciting news to come,” he says, “so be sure to watch this space.”

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