XCMG Mid-sized excavators: Designed to perform, built to last


As the world’s third largest construction equipment manufacturer with more than four decades of industry experience, XCMG has built a global reputation for innovation, reliability, and performance throughout its entire range of machinery – including excavators, graders, rollers and so much more.

Two ultra-modern and technologically advanced models within XCMG’s illustrious range of excavators are the 9 tonne XE80U and the 16 tonne XE155UCR. Ideal for small, medium and large-scale construction projects, these highly popular and well-renowned excavators from XCMG are the next generation of digger quality and performance.


With an operating weight of 9.5 tonnes, a powerful yet efficient 73 horsepower Kubota V3307 engine, and 219 litres per minute of hydraulic flow, XCMG’s next-generation XE80U excavator is made to work harder and smarter.

In addition, the XE80U’s minimised tailswing design offers improved safety and better accessibility in tight work environments – meaning you can work effectively where other machines in the same size class simply cannot.

Furthermore, premium quality hydraulic componentry throughout the XE80U ensures smooth control, fast response, low speeds, high torques and low energy consumption across a wide range of operations: digging, dumping, mulching, auger driving, log grappling and much more.

The XE80U’s state-of-the-art next generation cab instantly pleases the operator, with its spacious design, extremely comfortable seat, ergonomic control setup, high-definition colour LCD display screen and premium air conditioning. Large windows on all sides, plus a reverse camera included as standard, offer maximum visibility for machine operation.

Designed and manufactured with particular attention to easy service access, the XE80U offers a single access point for daily maintenance of all main components, a fuel level gauge and refuelling through a lockable cap, plus swing open and swing up engine access doors. In addition, with the backing of XCMG Australia’s extensive national service network, your machine is always supported by industry experts and its downtime is significantly minimised.

In summary, XCMG’s new XE80U delivers unbeatable value for money in an 8-10 tonne machine and exceeds all the criteria of a quality, reliable, comfortable and operator- friendly excavator.



A step up in size from the XE80U, yet just as loaded with quality and value, is the renowned XCMG XE155UCR excavator.

Weighing in at 16.7 tonnes, with a powerful and reliable Cummins 121 horsepower engine plus 2×113.4 litres per minute hydraulics and premium Kawasaki componentry, the XE155UCR is a beast made for power and control.

Like the XE80U, an ultra-short tail gyration design of the XE155UCR offers exceptional tight access capability – XCMG really have designed their excavators to work in more places. The XE155UCR also includes Japanese Nabtesco travel motor componentry, for smooth tracking on even challenging terrain, and long-lasting durability.

The operator cab is remarkably spacious and comfortable, with an exceptional climate control system and smooth joystick controls that make machine operation a breeze. The high-definition touchscreen LCD display allows operators to view all key machine information on the fly with a simple press, and the expansive leg and shoulder room delivers all-day comfort to even the largest operators.

With simple and efficient service access forming a fundamental design requirement, the XE155UCR provides a single access point for daily maintenance of all main components, a fuel level gauge and refuelling through a lockable cap, and swing open and swing up engine access doors – plus, the 24/7 backing of XCMG Australia’s national network of service and support, for constant peace of mind.

Safety is also a major focus of the XE155UCR, which includes high-quality wide angle reverse cameras, multiple e-stops accessible from the cab and ground level, audible operation warnings for bystanders, and remarkably short front and rear turning radiuses.

In summary, XCMG’s new generation XE155UCR 16 tonne excavator is an extraordinary amalgamation of intelligent operator-focused design, high quality manufacturing and exceptional durability and performance – resulting in a truly impressive and value-for-money machine, made to dominate any job site in Australia.


For more information about these excavators, or XCMG’s diverse range of construction, mining and agriculture equipment, visit www.xcmg.net.au.

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