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XCMG Heavy Excavators: Unmatched power, performance, and versatility

The XCMG XE370D heavy excavator

Find out how XCMG heavy excavators shine as a beacon of innovation, reliability, and performance.

When it comes to heavy construction equipment, few names resonate as strongly as XCMG. As the world’s third-largest construction equipment manufacturer, boasting over 80 years of industry experience, XCMG has solidified its reputation for innovation, reliability, and top-notch performance across its comprehensive range of construction, agriculture, and industrial machinery. A testament to its prowess, XCMG’s line-up of large excavators, spanning from 16.6 to 48.1 tonnes, has taken the Australian construction scene by storm, thanks to their unparalleled quality, value for money and bolstered by an industry-leading warranty package.

XCMG heavy excavators are renowned for their exceptional power, lifting capacity, and remarkable reach. Catering to a wide spectrum of requirements and projects, these excavators come in various sizes. The entire range stands out for its hydraulic performance, cycle times and breakout force, setting the bar high for competitors. The integration of premium Cummins and Isuzu engines, coupled with top-quality components from industry giants like Kawasaki, Nabco, and Miller, ensures that XCMG heavy excavators offer unbeatable value for money.

The XCMG heavy excavator line-up includes models:

  • XE155: 16.6t Operating Weight, 2x113LPM Hydraulic Flow, 121HP Cummins Engine
  • XE215: 21.5t Operating Weight, 2x216LPM Hydraulic Flow, 181HP Cummins Engine
  • XE245: 25.7t Operating Weight, 2x241LPM Hydraulic Flow, 201HP Cummins Engine
  • XE310: 30.8t Operating Weight, 2x259LPM Hydraulic Flow, 226HP Cummins Engine
  • XE370: 36.8t Operating Weight, 2x304LPM Hydraulic Flow, 284HP Isuzu Engine
  • XE490: 48.1t Operating Weight, 2x360LPM Hydraulic Flow, 375HP Cummins Engine.

These machines are equipped with auxiliary hydraulic flows fitted as standard, horsepower, and engine options that cater to diverse project demands. Whether it’s the XE155’s nimbleness or the XE490’s sheer power, each model brings a unique set of capabilities to the table.

Operator comfort is paramount in any heavy machinery, and XCMG’s excavators excel in this domain. The spacious and comfortable cabins are designed to accommodate even the longest workdays, with sound dampening and state-of-the-art controls enhancing the operator’s experience. XCMG’s focus on serviceability and minimal downtime ensures that these machines keep running efficiently, backed by only the most reliable components for extended longevity. Owners seeking a blend of comfort, versatility, and performance at a competitive price would find XCMG heavy excavators irresistible.

One of XCMG’s standout features is its comprehensive warranty package, reassuring owners with peace of mind. This warranty is supported by a network of dealerships and service agents spread across Australia. XCMG’s commitment goes beyond just selling machines; it’s about delivering unmatched after-sales support, ensuring minimal downtime, and offering premium assistance throughout the machine’s lifecycle and beyond.

XCMG heavy excavators effortlessly check all the boxes for operators who seek powerful performance, ergonomic comfort, and efficiency. With their ability to accommodate various attachments, including those requiring high flow machines, such as mulchers and augers, these excavators offer premium versatility without compromising on affordability. Their robust design, exceptional hydraulic capabilities, and overall operator satisfaction make them an indispensable asset for a wide array of projects.

XCMG heavy excavators shine as a beacon of innovation, reliability, and performance. With a diverse range of models that cater to different project scales, these excavators offer exceptional hydraulic performance, ergonomic comfort, and unparalleled operator satisfaction. The backing of a generous warranty and after-sales support network shows XCMG’s commitment to its customers. As XCMG continues to make waves with its exceptional line-up, it’s evident that their heavy excavators are not just machines; they’re a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence. For those seeking a blend of power, versatility, and comfort in their construction projects, XCMG heavy excavators undoubtedly rise to the occasion.

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