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World-first dual-frequency concrete scanner now available in Australasia and South East Asia

Quantum Mini
Geospatial solutions provider Position Partners offers unique dual-frequency, handheld Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) from US Radar.

A new, revolutionary concrete scanning solution that incorporates two resolution perspectives for locating assets and anomalies both within and beyond concrete structures is now available for the Australasian and South East Asian building, surveying and utilities markets.

The Quantum Mini by US Radar, the leading innovator of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and subsurface imaging systems, is distributed exclusively by Position Partners throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Quantum Mini

“Traditionally when scanning concrete structures, users would need to choose between two of the most popular frequencies – one for anomalies within the concrete and another for anomalies beyond the concrete layer,” said Cameron Waters, Position Partners Geospatial Product Manager.

“With the Quantum Mini, users have the flexibility to scan using both or either frequency as well as the ability to scan almost two metres below the surface, the greatest depth of any concrete scanner on the market,” he added.

Ideal for scanning walls, floors, ceilings and other concrete structures, the Quantum Mini features a compact, handheld, all-in-one design that gives the user real-time viewing and processing of the scan data. It also includes built-in laser levelling technology to line up passing grids for accurate scan data, as well as assisting with the accurate mark-out of rebar, post-tension cables, voids, utilities and other anomalies.

“It really is the only concrete scanner you’ll ever need,” Mr Waters said, adding “The dual frequency means it can handle a wide range of applications and accuracies, it has sophisticated software for comprehensive data analysis and it’s also very user friendly.”

The Quantum Mini features a 26 centimetre LCD screen with 3D on-board processing, a selection of readymade and custom colour palettes, along with horizontal slicing to give advanced data analysis capabilities. It can automatically generate reports and export data in a wide range of graphic and video file formats. With an eight-hour battery life and two hot-swappable batteries, the hardware is able to keep up with a busy work schedule.


Quantum Mini

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