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Work smarter with Bobcat® attachments


Increase productivity onsite with a dependable workhorse.

Bobcat Company is a leading attachment manufacturer – and offers an extensive range of attachments in the industry. Bobcat® attachments and implements can help grow a business, add versatility, replace less efficient machines and provide the tools to accomplish major projects.


Bobcat automatic grading solutions deliver more accurate grading results with less time and less labour.

Operators increase their efficiency and reduce fatigue since they can focus on operating the machine’s travel, rather than the blade position. With near perfect accuracy, there is no need for additional crew to continually check grade on the jobsite. It’s as simple as clicking a button on the loader controls to activate the automatic system.

With accuracies better than +/- 6mm, automatic grade control systems can also save on expensive finishes such as concrete.


A laser transmitter is used to emit a plane of laser light across the job site. The plane mirrors the completed job site and is used as a reference point to ensure the blade is on-grade at all times. The blade moves up and down automatically to keep the base materials on-grade.

Laser transmitters and rod-mounted laser receivers can also quickly determine the amount of material that needs to be added or removed from the site. They ensure:

• Accurate finish grading

• Efficient rough grading

• Concrete flatwork


For a fully equipped laser grading system, Bobcat offers three laser transmitters: one single slope model and two dual slope models. For flatwork or simple grades, a single slope transmitter delivers excellent results. Both models of dual slope transmitters work well for anything from flatwork to compound set-ups.

The laser control system increases precision when operating the box blade or grader attachment. Both the box blade and grader work well on flat and single slopes.

On dual slopes, the grader attachment delivers increased functionality, with each side of the blade operating independently.


Grader attachment: Grade surfaces with precision and control while maximising productivity with the grader attachment.

Designed for use in landscaping, asphalt, curb and concrete flatwork, the grader attachment features blades that move six different ways and a front bolster that oscillates 12° to the right or left, allowing for grading on any surface while minimising the effect of uneven ground.


Box blade attachment: Control grading operation with the accuracy and durability of the box blade attachment.

The box blade incorporates end wings to help carry spoil and features elevation control, which allows the box blade to travel up and down slopes while still delivering accurate results.


On the jobsite, the laser transmitter is mounted on a tripod to provide a 360° plane of reference at a set elevation and slope. Laser receivers, mounted on a mast attached to the box blade or grader attachment, capture the light from the laser transmitter. In manual control mode, the receivers inform the operator via LED lights when the blade needs to move up or down, or to notify that the blade is on grade. In automatic control mode, the receiver informs the blade that it needs to move up or down to stay on grade.

With the box blade attachment, one receiver – mounted in the middle – moves the entire blade up or down. With the grader attachment, two receivers are mounted so that each side of the blade will adjust independently.

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