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Why choose CAT Advansys tips and adapters?

CAT Advansys

Safety, productivity and efficiency are vital on any jobsite, and so is having the right tools for the right job – like the purpose-built Cat® AdvansysTM system.

What is Cat Advansys?

Cat Advansys is a range of ground engaging tools (GET) that deliver maximum productivity and one of the lowest bucket lifecycle costs. Designed to perform in even the toughest applications, there are 10 sizes that fit Cat Wheel Loader models 924 through to 994, and Cat Excavator models 311 through to 390/395. The Cat Advansys system can also be used on other brands’ machinery and help standardise all GETs across the jobsite.

“We offer a variety of tips in different point shapes because there are many different applications and machine sizes. For example, an operator wouldn’t use the same tips for sandy conditions or for trenching as in a quarry,” said Desmond Wong, Caterpillar Aftermarket Solutions Consultant for GET.

The Cat Advansys system is also hammerless and tip replacement can be up to 75% faster than previous Cat GET systems. Tips are installed and removed using a 3⁄4” retainer lock that doesn’t require any special tools. A simple half-turn locks and unlocks the CapSureTM retention. Better still, there are no loose parts to be concerned about. All of this results in reduced downtime and improved safety on your jobsite.

Thanks to an optimised profile, wear life is improved and tips stay sharper for longer. “Our system has no external pins and retainers. This is not the case with most of our competitors,” added Wong. “Changing tips faster means more uptime and productivity. Plus, we’ve made enhancements to the shape of the tips to increase performance, improve penetration and accelerate cycle times.”

CAT Advansys

No hammers, no crowbars, no contest

Quick and easy removal and installation

  • No special tools needed for the retainer lock
  • A simple half-turn locks and unlocks the CapSureTM retention
  • No loose parts
  • Can help reduce downtime and improve jobsite safety

Better tip penetration and longer tip and adapter life

  • Improved tip shapes shadow the adapter straps and welds for longer adapter life
  • Exclusive tip and adapter features ensure less drag and greater productivity
  • Stronger adapter noses result in a stress reduction of up to 50%^
  • No retention hole means 50%^ higher stress points and greater durability

Built for heavy machine applications

  • Specifically for demanding high-production applications
  • Easier penetration into the pile
  • Faster cycle times

Find out more about how Cat Advansys tips and adapters can benefit your business. Visit or scan the code to order from


^Performance representations, including up to 50% stress reduction and up to 50% higher stress points, based on comparisons with Cat® J Series products in similar production applications on a selected range of excavators and wheel loaders. These representations are provided as a guide only, and actual results may vary depending on a large range of variables outside Caterpillar’s control.

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