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Why Choose Bobcat Attachments ?

There’s a reason why so many earthmoving professionals insist on genuine Bobcat® attachments.

Bobcat Company offers unmatched design, quality, toughness and a one year warranty on the majority of attachments, as a testament to the materials and workmanship on all attachment components. Additionally, attachments are backed by the best dealer service and support.

When Bobcat attachments are paired with a Bobcat machine, productivity soars. From electronics to hydraulics and geometry, Bobcat attachments and implements are more versatile, ready and proven:

  • Hydraulic motors, valves, tube lines and other components are matched to the capabilities of the machine’s hydraulic system
  • Bobcat attachment electronics provide more versatility and functionality than any other available system
  • Multiple functions can be operated through one button or switch
  • Bobcat attachments are designed to be perfectly positioned for the immediate task

State Of The Art Manufacturing Process

Each year, Bobcat builds tens of thousands of attachments. This leads to greater precision, proven manufacturing processes and higher quality. Robotic welding delivers better penetration and more accurate welds for greater attachment durability. Attachments feature high-quality, powder-coated paint. Each hydraulic attachment is thoroughly tested before shipping, ensuring it’s ready for your tough jobs.

Bobcat engineering teams work together to ensure that Bobcat attachments deliver maximum performance when paired with Bobcat machines.

  • Engineers use computer-aided design and testing
  • Attachments are fully integrated. With Bobcat attachments, grapple tines won’t hit couplers, and the bucket heel height matches the intended machine
  • Removable hose guides (select attachments) offer protection during operation and simplify attachment hook-up and removal
  • Attachments have better protection including guards, fewer exposed hoses and steel tubing
  • Many attachments can be used on multiple carriers, maximising versatility

Built For Tough Jobs

Bobcat attachment and implements offer high quality design, engineering and construction, right down to the nuts and bolts.

Hardware components are plated to increase their life, protect their structural integrity and improve their appearance. Components are plated with the best materials for the demands and types of wear they endure. Many hydraulic Bobcat attachments are standard-equipped with hydraulic hoses rated to 3500 psi.

Electrical components are encapsulated in polyurethane material for protection from water, heat, cold, dust, vibration and chemicals.

Using Finite Elemental Analysis, Bobcat engineers virtually analyse the attachment and pinpoint high-stress areas. These regions can then be enhanced and tested to improve attachment durability and provide a superior product.

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