Why Are Contractors So Excited By The ET18 VDS From Wacker Neuson?

Wacker Neuson

Of course it’s the power, performance and safety that this innovative excavator provides.

Wacker Neuson’s ET18 VDS excavator is the result of the most innovative evolution.

Power, performance and occupational health and safety were paramount when Wacker Neuson developed the ET18 VDS.


The VDS has to be seen in action to be truly appreciated. VDS stands for Vertical Digging System and it’s a patented system that Wacker Neuson developed over 20 years ago. It enables operators to continually tilt the superstructure of an excavator by up to 15° at the push of a button, and compensate for slopes of up to 27 per cent.

The excavator can then be used to dig more precisely in a vertical position, which significantly speeds up excavation and filling work, resulting in time and material savings of up to 25 per cent on uneven terrain.

Operators also remain in an upright position, making it easier and more comfortable for them to carry out the work. Increased stability is a further benefit, creating a safer environment for operators and across the construction site as a whole. Exact control and precise results make VDS virtually indispensable for excavation work around obstacles and in confined spaces.


Wacker Neuson

The large-volume diesel engine of the ET18 is not only high-performance; it also complies to the newest exhaust standards, and the optional automatic idling speed control reduces fuel consumption and the noise level of the machine.

The unique cooling concept with newly developed cooling air ducting makes it possible to work under full load with an ambient temperature of up to 45°C, and results in a longer operating life of the components. The optimal arrangement of the filter units, the easily removable covers and large opening angle provide for the most simple accessibility and effective maintenance. The VDS allows the ET18 to work in areas others cannot.

Efficieny and profitability are words often thrown about. With VDS the operator doesn’t have to excavate a level work area thus saving time.


A substantial feature of the ET 18 VDS lies in the large industry leading canopy. Comfort wasn’t the only priority when the ET18 was developed, visability and ergonomics were also a high priority. Access on both sides ensures the operator can get on or off the ET18 safely and easily even when in a confined work position. The ET18 VDS comes complete with a factory fitted hydraulic hitch. Designed and manufactured by Wacker Neuson, the Easylock hitch is perfectly matched to the kinematics of ET18. It prevents collisions with the boom cylinder and ensures that there is no spillage of material from the bucket even when at maximum dump height. The operator can easily switch from bucket to bucket from the comfort of the seat. No longer does the operator have to climb on and off the excavator just to change a bucket. This important feature again ensures the ET18 VDS is one of the safest and most productive mini excavators in the Australian market. Wacker Neuson’s Vertical Digging System is available on a number of their models, including the EZ53, which is in the 6 tonne class.

Wacker Neuson

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