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Who is Viva Energy?

Viva Energy flags blowing in the wind against a cloudy sky

Viva Energy is a locally operated Australian energy, retail, and industrial company, committed to providing dynamic and adaptable service.

Viva Energy is one of Australia’s leading energy companies, with more than 1350 Shell-branded service stations and 55 fuel import terminals and depots nationally. It also has a strong retail convenience offering, with the recent purchase of more than 700 Coles Express service stations, and the sole right to use the Shell brand in Australia for the sale of retail fuels.

Viva Energy, the Shell Australia Licensee has been providing energy solutions to Australia for 120 years.

It is also an exclusive macro distributor for Shell-branded lubricants, has a strategic relationship with Vitol for the supply of crude oil and imported products, and supplies 24 per cent of Australia’s fuel needs. Further, its Shell Fuel Card service is accepted at 1350 service stations across the country.

“We’re proud to be Australian, proud of our 120-year history, and extremely proud of our achievements,” said Renee Reilly, Viva Energy Sales and Marketing Manager – Lubricants. “We help Australians reach their destinations by making, importing, and delivering the fuels, lubricants, chemicals, and bitumen they need to get there. We play a major role in getting people and goods from A to B.”

Shell has a history of innovation in lubricants and was the first supplier to market cleaner, purer lubricants made from natural gas. Significant investment in research and development has led to technologically advanced products that are reliable in even the toughest Australian conditions, and across all industries including construction, quarrying, and mining.

“Shell invests significantly in technical collaboration and has over 350 product application specialists that work closely with OEMs and customers to develop innovative lubricant solutions,” says Silvana Farrugia, Technical Expert from Viva Energy. “Our lubricant products can deliver value but also improve business outcomes.”

How can Viva Energy help?

“Our customer benefits include lower maintenance costs, longer equipment life and reduced energy consumption – these are some of the reasons that Shell has recently celebrated 16 consecutive years as number one global lubricants supplier,” Renee said.

With local expertise backed by a global brand, Viva Energy’s lubricant sales and technical team is well placed to identify and implement best in class lubrication solutions for customers.

“Online, on-site or over the phone, we are always available to resolve your lubrication questions, so you will know the right oil for any application fast,” Silvana said.

There are several helpful and convenient tools customers can use to assist with every aspect of product selection and lubrication management, including the Lubricants Online Store, Viva Energy Technical Help Desk, and Shell LubeMatch.

As lubricants, greases and coolants are critical machine components, Shell works with leading equipment manufacturers to make sure that their products meet the requirements of their equipment and the tough working environments that they operate. The Shell range of lubricants carries a wide range of industry and OEM approvals to meet and exceed the requirements of equipment manufacturers.

“At a local level, Viva Energy technical staff have a technical relationship with all key OEMs,” Silvana said. “This technical relationship enables consistent information flow between all parties, enabling us to work with customers to get the most out of their equipment.”

Viva Energy also has extensive, proven experience of reliable delivery in demanding environments, with one of the most flexible and adaptable supply chains, including both local fuels refining and global sourcing. Viva Energy owns, leases, and operates a portfolio of established infrastructure assets complemented by third-party warehouse providers throughout Australia – including in some of the most remote parts of the country.

Shell employs more than 350 product application specialists that work closely with OEMs and customers.

Working together sustainably

“Beyond refining and lubricants, we are also looking ahead to the future and aim to establish new energy projects which will transform the Geelong refinery site into a modern Energy Hub and meet the changing energy needs of all Australians,” Renee said.

“Our vision for the Geelong Energy Hub is focused on exploring opportunities in transition fuels (such as LNG), alternative fuels (such as biofuels and hydrogen), and renewable energy and emission reduction projects such as a solar energy farm at our Geelong Refinery.

“We know that it is critical for the sustainability of our business, but also our customers’ businesses that we understand the opportunities and risks associated with climate change, and incorporate these into our business strategy. All these initiatives help our customers to also reach their goals, and allow us to be a true business partner for all of their energy requirements.”

For more information, visit: or contact Viva Energy’s Technical Helpdesk Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm AEST on 1300 134 205, or email

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