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Whitepaper on Shore Hire Shore Brace 400


Shoring and propping specialist Shore Hire has released a whitepaper on its unique innovation, the Shore Brace 400.

The first of the company’s whitepapers, it is titled “Innovations in Modern Excavation Support Systems: How Best Practices in Product Design and Manufacturing Led to Shore Hire’s Australian-Made Hydraulic Bracing System – The Shore Brace 400”.

The Shore Brace 400 is one of the company’s latest and most innovative solutions to date, purpose-built for Australian job sites and designed to make projects safer and more efficient.

It is a modular hydraulic bracing system comprising of various sized extension beams that are double-pinned and connected to a high-load capacity hydraulic ram.

The system can be designed to support rectangle, square or multi-sided excavations up to 20m without cross supports, dependent on the engineering design and it is the bigger version of the Shore Brace 200 system.

With engineering review, the addition of the high load Shore Brace 400 hydraulic cross brace or corner brace, much larger and more complex perimeter support projects can be safely secured using the company’s range of trench sheet, sheet piles or concrete capping beams.

The whitepaper covers everything users need to know about the Shore Brace 400, and explores the current limitations of traditional shoring systems, highlights the potential of a superior solution, and delves into our approach to ideation, sustainable design, and best practice prototyping.

Download the paper here.



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