Welcome to the Future of the 5 Tonne Excavator

Design and Innovation meets Powerful Performance – introducing the EZ50 Zero Tail Excavator from Wacker Neuson hitting our shores early in 2021.

Powerful Performance, Compact Dimensions, Easy And Comfortable Operation – “The Future”

With the EZ50 zero-tail excavator, Wacker Neuson offers the ideal combination of performance, comfort and reliability. The powerful drive allows customers to operate the machines in the most demanding environments while comfortably completing all tasks. The EZ50 encompasses impressive high lifting and digging power for quick work cycles and the 3-point bucket crowd kinematics for more breakout force, insertion depth, and dumping height. This allows up to 200 degrees of movement and control of the bucket or attachment.

The EZ50 Loves The Heat

In Australia we know heat can affect an excavator’s performance. Like most of the excavators in the Wacker Neuson range the EZ50 can be operated at ambient temperatures of up to 45 degrees without compromising performance. This is possible by having the latest engine and hydraulic technologies.

Efficient and Safe Work

The innovative hydraulic system “Load Sensing Flow Sharing” ensures precise control and high-performance efficiency: the machine adjusts automatically to the load while the joystick movement remains

constant for the operator at all times making working with the excavator particularly comfortable. The new Active Working Signal (AWS) guarantees a higher level of safety for persons in the work area of the excavator: when the excavator is ready for use, a red LED strip, integrated into the engine hood, lights up. This way, all on the construction site know that the excavator is engaged, a simple but effective feature that supports the flashing beacon for greater construction site safety. The advanced overload system is more than just anti burst protection, the operator is warned when they are lifting close to the maximum weight adding to the safety features found on the EZ50.

Greater Comfort and Room

One look inside the cabin of the EZ50 and you’ll be sold. Did we say room and comfort? The air conditioned cabin is spaciously designed allowing the operator perfect views of all sides of the excavator. The jog dial system allows the operator to pre-set the hydraulic oil requirements for a number of attachments removing guesswork for the operator – optimum excavator and attachment performance.

The Future Calls for Low Exhaust Emissions (Lee) and Powerful Engines

This is exactly what has been delivered with the EZ50. It is equipped with a powerful diesel engine with integrated DPF (diesel particulate filter). Regeneration happens during normal operation and is automatic, without loss of performance. Due to the thermal management developed by Wacker Neuson the service life of the diesel engine is increased as engine heat is lowered.

Reduced exhaust emissions due to cleaner combustion is kinder to the environment and reduces the cost of ownership, helping to increase profit for the owner – The Future!

For further information visit www.wackerneuson.com to find your nearest Wacker Neuson authorised dealer.

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