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Increase production, reduce maintenance and improve safety with ITR Futura and UNiK Ground Engaging Tools.

Mining and quarry operators understand that the key to success is to increase production, reduce maintenance and improve safety. Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are one of the key components to this success as they make up a large part of machine maintenance cost. One way to reduce maintenance is to increase uptime with reliable wear products, offering greater efficiency and longer life. With the correct GET fitted, machine cycle times will improve, increasing production.

ITR specialises in Ground Engaging Tools covering the full line of wear part products for wheel loaders, excavators, motor graders, dozers and motor scrapers covering all sizes and makes in the market, in particular for mining and quarry equipment.

ITR Futura and Unik steel castings provide the best combination of impact and abrasion resistance. ITR replacement teeth achieve the optimum balance between hardness and toughness with hardness levels up to 530 Brinell. ITR Futura and Unik replacement teeth are cast to fit perfectly on all O.E.M. adapters, designed to be stronger and last longer than any comparable teeth on the market. Their products feature built-in cast quality and highly accurate fit at the most competitive prices. The ITR Futura and Unik GET product range includes a complete line for the smallest to the largest machine. Whatever the requirement, ITR has a tooth system which fills every need, offering a full selection of tooth shapes for applications in mining, quarries and construction.

  • HAMMERLESS SOLUTIONS: ITR FUTURA and Unik offers a wide range of quick and easy to install hammerless solutions that completely eliminate the need for hammers to assemble parts, thus increasing onsite safety and shortening machine downtime
  • INCREASED SAFETY: ITR FUTURA and Unik hammerless solutions contribute to increased on-site safety. The hammerless fitment systems offer quick and easy installation, avoiding the risks of hammer accidents, which cause injury to eyes and fingers
  • SHORTEST DOWNTIME: With the design of quick and easy replacement assemblies, FUTURA engineered fitment solutions reduce downtime with parts remaining perfectly locked in place
  • PROVEN PERFORMANCE: ITR FUTURA and the Unik range have approximately 20 per cent more usable wear material than other comparable systems in the market. ITR FUTURA and Unik teeth provide more wear material where it counts, against competitor’s teeth in the same category size and models

Additional steel has been added in key areas where the tooth is subject to wear. It is not just the length of the tooth or the total weight but what really counts is the total wear material weight and how it is distributed over the length of the tooth.

A self-sharpening design with raised central ribs, lateral ribs and recessed pockets helps material flow away from adapters, significantly extending tooth wear life, providing better tooth penetration and maintaining sharpness without reducing tooth resistance. Thanks to the optimal design of ITR Futura teeth more than 68 per cent of steel is used without losing sharpness.

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