DDT 2020

WATM to distribute Sany equipment


Sany construction equipment will now be distributed exclusively by WATM Equipment in WA and NT.

Based in Bayswater and with a service workshop in Newman, both in Western Australia, WTM Group began business in 1974 with a focus on cranes.

A new business division, WATM Equipment, was set up last year to expand its offering into construction and other lifting equipment and now offers Sany and Kalmar machinery.

The Sany excavator range now available through WATM Equipment runs from the 1.8-tonne SY16C mini excavator with a 14.6kW (20 horsepower) Yanmar engine, through to the 78.6-tonne SY870H with a 377 (506hp) Isuzu engine.

WATM Equipment is also offering the 15-tonne Sany SSR150C-8 SD roller, which has a rated power of 119kW (160hp).

The Sany offering includes:

  • Excavator range: Sany Excavators come in various sizes, from mini to large, each tailored for specific tasks. Whether it’s small projects needing nimble maneuverability, medium-scale jobs requiring versatility, or heavy-duty tasks demanding power and efficiency, there’s an excavator suited to every need.
  • Rollers: With proven exceptional compaction performance, Sany’s road roller range keep you on the road – efficiently and effectively. Backed by engineering to meet the demands of asphalt road and cement stabilised base, these rollers know how to perform in an environment where time is money and inefficiency is unsafe.
  • Motor graders: Power and performance connect like never before with the Sany motor grader range, engineered for smooth roads and even smoother operation. These road graders come with all the tech, strength and versatility needed to get the job done on time, on budget and without fuss.

WATM has been around machinery for 50 years and is proud to have a team with long-standing industry expertise, and is known for:

  • Lifting performance in mining and exploration
  • Raising the bar in port operations
  • Reaching new heights in construction and civil sectors
  • Elevating transportation and logistics
  • Boosting efficiency in trade businesses


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