Wacker Neuson’s New Mobile Excavator

Wacker Neuson

The EW100 10-tonne mobile excavator from Wacker Neuson is on the fast track.

While speed isn’t the first thing one considers when looking at a mobile excavator solution, it’s reassuring to know that Wacker Neuson’s new EW100 can get to site, and move between sites, quickly and efficiently.

The EW100 isn’t just a winner when it comes to moving around. A 15 per cent increase in power output over the previous model, and a 20 per cent reduction in fuel consumption means more power for the digging work, and more efficient operation all round.

Wacker Neuson

The dramatic reduction in fuel consumption is achieved through the new ECO operating mode, which allows for efficient work by reducing the engine’s running speed and modifications to the hydraulic system: a plus for the environment and the wallet. An even bigger plus for the environment is that the powerful 86kW Perkins 854 turbo diesel at the heart of the EW100 is as clean as it is strong – it’s fully Tier IVi compliant.

The EW100 is particularly operator-friendly thanks to a climate-controlled cabin. Control functions are simplified – just a single drive pedal for both road travel and working operation, and functions are controlled directly from a modern jog dial system, well known in the automotive industry, with intuitive menu selection and operation via a rotary push button. A high definition display provides a comprehensive overview of the EW100’s operating status, as well as access to data such as operating hours.

A machine is only as good as its serviceability on the jobsite. That is why a Wacker Neuson, all maintenance components, such as fuel, air, oil and hydraulic oil filters of the water and hydraulic coolers, are easily accessible.

The reasons for this are the large and wide-opening engine hood as well as the laterally tiltable cabin, which ensure direct access to all hydraulic components and service points.

Wacker Neuson

Additional advantages that the EW100 offers are: The new maintenance diagnosis tool, the error code output display and the standard mini measurement connections.

For it is true on the construction site: Time is money. And downtime is expensive.

The EW100, with standard triple-boom, offers maximum connection options with up to five auxiliary control circuits, of which three are individually adjustable. That permits a large selection of hydraulic attachments for a diverse range of applications.

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