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Better solutions, innovative products and great people are just a few of the reasons why Wacker Neuson has been several steps ahead of the pack for over 160 years.

A leader in the earthmoving, construction and heavy equipment industries, Wacker Neuson realised a long time ago that simply manufacturing world-class machines alone wasn’t going to be enough to stay on the top of the ladder. One of the world’s top players in this industry was going to have to offer global education and readily available, service and repair support through local offices with fully equipped workshops and qualified service staff.

Wacker Neuson were one of the first to run with this global philosophy and have been working in close co-operation with their customers to offer products and services that surpass their high standards and fulfil their diverse requirements, while enhancing their capabilities.

Founded in Dresden, Germany in 1948 the Wacker Neuson Group quickly grew and now has affiliate companies in over 40 countries around the world.

The leading global manufacturer with the most comprehensive range of construction and earthmoving equipment entered the Australian market in 1966 and quickly became the partner of choice among professional users in industries including earthmoving, civil construction, concrete construction, landscape gardening, plumbing, local government and agriculture.

With an expanding select and dedicated network of dealers, supported by Wacker Neuson branches throughout Australia and New Zealand providing sales, spare parts and servicing, Wacker Neuson ANZ are now working to not only meet but surpass their customer expectations.

We recently had a chance to catch up with newly appointed Regional President of Australia and New Zealand, Cameron Mole, who was happy to share some of his personal experiences, professionally and internally at Wacker Neuson.


Wacker Neuson

When asked about how Wacker Neuson fits into the earthmoving industry in Australia and what makes the company unique, Cameron shared, “The earthmoving and construction industries in Australia offer many challenges for manufacturers of equipment.

Some of these include our harsh climate, environmental sensitivity, vast and varied geography and occupational health and safety laws. Wacker Neuson has developed a range of equipment that not only meet the various challenges but excel against them.

Developing a range of battery powered machines like vibratory rammers and wheel loaders is an example of how Wacker Neuson meets environmental, OH&S challenges and operator ease and comfort. The patented vertical dig system (VDS) is available on a range of excavators and allows operators to work on slopes up to 15 degrees with surety, stability and being ergonomically designed and better positioned to help prevent fatigue or injury.”

Cameron has been in the industrial and construction markets for over 15 years both in Australian and abroad. He kicked off his career as a marketing graduate with Dulux and then moved into roles in sales then General Management. After Dulux he continued in his career in senior management roles working with major premium branded companies in the machines and equipment industries, marketed through Dealer, Hire and B2B distribution channels where service and parts are key elements of the mix. So, he is perfectly placed to bring his high level of expertise to Wacker Neuson.

With their head office located in Dandenong South, Victoria, the Wacker Neuson group’s range of unique experience draws from its vast global partners. With over 12,000 sales and service partners across the globe the Wacker Neuson experience is about being part of a bigger experience. As the machines are used globally and in many diverse environments, from Switzerland, Chile, Russia, South Africa and Mexico to India, Netherlands and Australia, each unique environment has presented its own set of challenges over the years that has led to the implementation of adaptations and improvements that have benefitted the entire range.


When speaking about the range, Cameron told us, “The international family of companies have the market leading most comprehensive portfolio of products that are designed to meet the vast and varied requirements of our customers. From start to the finish of a project our customers depend on Wacker Neuson. The soil and asphalt range includes our renowned vibratory rammers, plates and rollers. As a part of our continuous development and along with the industry trends, we have expanded our concrete equipment and worksite technology products. Recent expansion of the range includes a range of excavators from 1 tonne to 15 tonnes manufactured in Wacker Neuson’s Austrian production facility. The Wacker Neuson range of loaders includes skid steer loaders, articulated wheel loaders and telehandlers. Complementing the earthmoving range are articulated site dumpers and tracked dumpers.”

As a German family owned company the pride and historical expertise of German design, engineering and manufacture stands Wacker Neuson in a strong position against their competition to offer machines that are built to a premium quality standard, with parts and service to ensure their machines work year after year for their customers thereby affording them confidence and peace of mind in their purchase decision. The Wacker Neuson company invests heavily in innovation and technology to keep bringing new and improved machines to the market to satisfy end users and industry requirements.

In fact, better solutions and innovative products are two of the reasons why Wacker Neuson have worked continuously to try and be several steps ahead of the rest for over 160 years. With their innovations setting standards in markets around the world, and in the process changing the way industry builds, compresses, transports and works.

Some of their innovations over the years have included:

Wacker Neuson

Despite their successes over the years Wacker Neuson, as a company, is aware of the problems that are facing the industry today. When discussing this with Cameron he saw the main challenges coming from two separate ends of the spectrum. “On one side there is an influx of cheap equipment that may not necessarily meet industry and regulatory standards, while on the other end is the increasing demands for cleaner operating and more efficient engines and safer machines. Wacker Neuson takes a long term strategic position and invests as stated previously in technology, innovation and quality people in our organisation to ensure we grow and remain a long term sustainable key Brand and premium player in the earthmoving and construction markets globally. To not only meet but exceed the requirements, standards and expectations of our customers and the market,” said Cameron.

Wacker Neuson firmly has its sights and well-laid plans in place to continue to enjoy the strong growth it has demonstrated over the past 160 years and stay true to their core values of quality in design, manufacture and innovation. The true value of any equipment involves looking beyond the initial price tag, and instead asses the life costs of a machine, its safety features, quality and warranty standards and operator comfort after many hours of use. It’s only then can you really assess and decide about the true value of any machine.


Wacker Neuson

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