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Wacker Neuson WL44 Wheel Loader – Powerful Materials Handling For Every Job Site

The WL44 articulated wheel loader from Wacker Neuson offers powerful performance, class leading breakout forces, perfect line of site to the attachment and where the wheel loader is operating.

Wacker Neuson engineers in their German manufacturing department have focussed their attention on the latest design of the WL44 to ensure ease of operation and operator comfort.

Wacker Neuson believes if the operator is comfortable and feeling safe, their productivity will be higher. As a result, the engineers at Wacker Neuson have designed the WL44 wheel loader with the best operator console available. There is often a lot happening in construction sites and having the best line-of-sight available of the work area is tremendously important for safety reasons. To ensure this, Wacker Neuson has reduced the height of the front carriage of the WL44. This along with the wider design gives the operator the optimum view of the attachments at all times, which makes operating and changing them much easier.

The spacious cabin impresses with a good all-round visibility, a high ergonomic standard and an ideal instrument arrangement. The operator’s controls in the cabin are all in the operator’s field of view and are easily accessible. In addition, the kinematics were optimised for the wheel loader. The increased break out forces by about 40 per cent improved the roll-in angle and pitch of the attachments and increased tipping load by 18 per cent makes it possible to handle larger attachments therefore achieving higher productivity in material handling.

• The articulation/oscillation pendulum joint. This guarantees the best possible stability and manoeuvrability. All four wheels remain in constant contact with the ground as the machine moves with maximum traction
• The best view thanks to the low front carriage. With powerful Z-kinematics and equipped with a low front carriage, provides an excellent overview of the attachments, the immediate working area, and the entire machine surroundings
• Two lift cylinders. For even more stability and power while loading. The hydraulic power is optimally distributed to the load arm
• A multi-tool for different applications. Regardless of whether you are transporting, sweeping, stacking or pushing. Thanks to the various attachments, your wheel loader becomes a universal attachment carrier
• Uncomplicated maintenance. The removable seat, the wide-opening engine hood as well as various maintenance covers make all service accesses easy to reach. This saves time and money in maintenance
• Good all-round visibility and an ergonomic working area. Plenty of legroom, clearly arranged instrument panel, comfortable operator’s seat and optimal view of the attachment. A working area that motivates and fully supports the operator

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