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VisionLink® Productivity: Gaining the edge


Caterpillar® Senior Strategy Consultant Michael Miller outlines the benefits of using a production-management system like VisionLink® Productivity. This advanced construction technology delivers timely, accurate information that can help spot inefficiencies, improve production and enhance safety.

With today’s construction technology, contractors can get a wealth of accurate data that tells them exactly what’s going on with machine health, production levels, fuel burn and idle time. That’s highly useful for operations of any size.

But for bigger operations, with multiple jobsites running fleets of machines, being able to view the data from an individual machine level all the way up to the organisation level is essential. And that’s what a production management system does. It allows a high-level overview of an operation, and drills down to find the detailed information needed to make decisions that will reduce costs and enhance safety.

An accurate picture with productivity management

Specialising in productivity, Michael said it was all about giving the decision maker an accurate picture of their operation and providing them with opportunities to implement change and make improvements to machine utilisation and operational efficiency.

Knowing precisely how long specific functions take — including travel loaded and empty times; load, dump, and roading times; swing, dig and wait times — is key to making smart, informed decisions.

Production-management systems help managers track all those measurements and analyse them to spot bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Caterpillar Senior Strategy Consultant Michael Miller specialises in productivity.

As an example, Michael cited the issue of excessive waiting time in the load area. Using the analytic tools built into a good productivity- management system such as VisionLink® Productivity, he said: “You can track material movement and, importantly, see how much time is spent in each part of the cycle. By slowing the machines down on the return, you could keep a more consistent flow of traffic and potentially reduce the non-productive waiting time and fuel consumption.”

Engage your operators

“Better still,” Michael added, “imagine being able to replay an event to identify areas for improvements based on relevant, real-time data. Guesswork is eliminated.

“Being able to include your operators in this review, with powerful visuals including maps and graphs, allows you to work together to identify inefficiencies and find solutions. Discussions like these – based on hard data – strengthen partnerships with operators. It facilitates objective, informed conversations that promote solid operator buy-in.”

Tighter, more accurate estimates

Michael went on to explain reliable construction data is a huge help when pulling together quotes for future work. With a productivity-management tool, an assessor can feel confident in their ability to estimate competitively because they’re using actual machine and project data from the past.

Relying on accurate data helps put together a tighter, more competitive bid. It’ll also allow monitoring the project as it happens and measuring against targets to ensure completion on time and on budget.

A good productivity-management tool also allows the building of cost dashboards that show where and when the key cost impacts are happening. Miller noted these kinds of dashboards the real cost of moving material at a glance – the operating cost-per-hour and payload, and whether there are idle time costs that could be reduced.

Construction technology gives an edge

Modern construction technology has the power to help you to reduce costs and inefficiencies, increase productivity and profitability, and enhance worksite safety. Michael concludes that implementing a production-management system like VisionLink® Productivity can open up new opportunities to get more from your operation every day.

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