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VisionLink® Is Changing The Game For Fleet Management – No Matter Your Equipment Manufacturer

CO2 Emissions Tracking: The report you don’t want to skip.

Getting the most out of your equipment requires hundreds of decisions, every day. Where should assets be deployed?
How can we solve a production bottleneck? What can we do to reduce fuel costs? To be confident that you’re making the right decisions, you need accurate, timely data. Cat® VisionLink® gives you access to all the data you need to keep your equipment on the jobsite and earning money.

As strict emissions regulations become more common, you’ll need to be able to prove that your fleet is running as clean as possible. The VisionLink reporting function lets you monitor and track CO2 emissions from construction equipment of all kinds. View fleet information online with VisionLink and use it to make informed decisions that boost productivity, lower costs, simplify maintenance, and improve safety on your jobsite.


As governments around the world work to reduce greenhouse gas output, it is falling to the construction companies to provide accurate data to prove they are meeting emissions standards. It may also be used to challenge regulatory rulings when companies feel they have been unnecessarily penalised.

Europe already has strict CO2 emissions requirements, with heavy fines for non-compliance. Similar regulations are also underway in many other parts of the world. CO2 REPORTING PER ASSET OR FLEET VisionLink’s Unified Fleet summary page now includes a CO2 Emission column on the Fleet Utilization and Asset Utilization Details pages. It displays the CO2 emissions for each selected asset, calculated by fuel type for the Runtime Fuel Burned each day in a selected date range.

It’s easy to configure this function for the mix of diesel- and gasoline-powered equipment in your fleet. And it enables you to easily run an Emission report for any individual asset, a group of assets or for your entire fleet.

The default fuel type is diesel, but you can change it to gasoline for any asset. You can also display your total Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Burn and DEF Burn Rate.

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Emissions reporting will help you identify when certain machines may not be running as efficiently as possible. If so, you can consider:

• Upgrading maintenance procedures
• Rebuilding components or machines to get the latest technology updates
• Replacing old, less-efficient machines with newer models

You can also use the Emissions Reports in conjunction with other VisionLink functions to spot site bottlenecks, excessive idling and other fuel-wasting inefficiencies. CO2 emissions tracking is yet another measure you can use to help optimise your operations.


Of course, reducing fuel burn, eliminating excess idle time and improving machine efficiency will ultimately save you money. The ability to track and monitor fleet CO2 output will also help you ‘future proof’ your operation as emissions regulations tighten around the world.

Emissions reporting is just the latest in a long list of benefits reaped from putting telematics data to good use. Analytics
software such as VisionLink helps you turn raw data from your equipment into actionable information you can use to build your business success.

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