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Victoria, WA to benefit from major level crossing upgrades

A level crossing sign on an Australian highway

Level crossings in Victoria and Western Australia are on track to receive significant upgrades thanks to the Federal Government’s Regional Level Crossing Upgrade Fund (RLCUF).

The RLCUF aims to improve railway crossing safety in regional areas and reduce serious and fatal accidents that have a devastating impact on communities.

The Federal Government has committed $160 million over four years to state and territory governments to fund up to 50 per cent of the cost of delivering railway crossing upgrades.

The Victorian Government will receive $5 million in the first round of funding, which will go towards a proposed program of works across regional Victoria, with the state funding 50 per cent of project costs.

The proposed list includes five priority areas for railway crossing improvements to tourist and heritage projects in regional and urban areas.

These upgrades include installing boom barriers, axle counters, and a pedestrian maze with automatic gates and electromagnetic latches on the emergency exit gates. Give-way signs at two sites will also be upgraded to boom barriers and flashing lights.

The WA Government, also set to fund 50 per cent of projects costs, will receive $7.1 million in the first round of funding, which will go towards a proposed program of works across regional areas of the state’s road network.

The proposed list includes 14 priority projects for railway crossing improvements across regional areas of the WA road and rail network.

These upgrades include installing flashing lights, audible warning devices, enhanced signage along with a pedestrian maze upgrade to increase the visibility of crossings on both sides of the roadway in response to approaching trains.

“The Australian Government is committed to improving railway crossing safety across the country through the Regional Level Crossing Upgrade Fund,” said Federal Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister Catherine King.

“This funding will provide upgrading of treatments such as signage, boom gates, flashing and rumble strips, to better alert motorists and pedestrians approaching regional railway crossings.

“This funding is part of the broader Regional Australia Level Crossing Safety Program (RALCSP), which is investing $180 million to deliver a coordinated and holistic approach to improving railway crossing safety across the country.

“The RALCSP also invests in education and awareness activities on how to behave safely around railway crossings, improved data and risk assessments, along with research and trials to promote low-cost, innovative safety solutions.”

More information on the RLCUF and its guidelines is available here.


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