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Vicon Screening Buckets and Tiltrotators


Vicon Screening Buckets

Vicon’s products have earned a solid reputation for quality and toughness.

Vicon is a well-known name in the industry: from demolition machines to recycling, maintenance of greenery, road maintenance, right up to a complete line of earthmoving machinery—the company has it all. Vicon’s committed team work daily to supply quality products that simplify the work of users.

Vicon is closely focused on meeting fast changing market requirements, and is ready to win new market shares with innovative projects and solutions. The company has always been a market leader with research and new solutions.

Vicon has always been mission has been innovative solutions, that are efficient and safe and work well with the environment. Little wonder Vicon has become a benchmark in Australia, in demolition, recycling, road maintenance, agriculture and park maintenance and construction machinery.

Vicon screening buckets are to be fitted on mini and midi excavators. The screening is done through a hydraulic screening assembly with rotating specially designed plastic knives. Suitable for the selection of materials from demolition or digging in general and for the mixing of terrains with peat. The thickness of the selected material ranges from 0 to 20 or 0 to 35 in a standard configuration. Under request it is also possible to build shafts according to the requirements of the user.

Vicon Tiltrotators



Vicon’s products have earned a solid reputation for quality and toughness. Get more out of your excavator with great flexibility, precision and economy.

A tiltrotator (known under a number of trade names) is an hydraulic attachment/ tool used on most excavators. A tiltrotator is mounted on the excavator such that the excavator bucket can be rotated through 360° and tilted +/- 40°, in order to increase the flexibility and precision of the excavator.

A tiltrotator can best be described as a wrist between the arm of the excavator and the bucket (or whatever other tool is fitted to the excavator tool). With its integral quick coupler and rotary swivel, the tiltrotator also uses extra hydraulic functions to power and manipulate other worktools such as a breaker, grapple or an auger, which can be attached to the quickcoupler on the tiltrotator, for simplified attachment mounting, dramatically increasing the machine’s utilisation on the jobsite.

Tilt rotators turn all types of excavators into multi-functional construction machines. Tilt rotators come in various models depending on the base machine’s weight class. Most models are equipped with double acting tilt cylinders for optimised tilting force and more even operation.

The tilt rotator supports your hydraulic excavator with two new functions: The attachment can rotate endlessly and tilt up to 40° in both directions and this enables you to open up new fields of operation.

You do not have to stop the excavator as often because of the manipulation possibilities of the attachment with the tilt rotator, and the radius of action of your carrier device is enormously expanded. All this increases productivity and saves time and money.

Because of the lower profile of the tilt rotator the hydraulic excavator loses relatively little in terms of breakout and ripping power.

The tiltrotator maximises excavator capacity by reducing, working hours and delivering greater productivity due to precise positioning of the attachment. It does this also through better fuel consumption, and less need to change the machine’s position. Overall it results in less wear and tear, and the machine performs various kinds of work in less time.

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