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Versatility is trump card for New Holland compact excavator range

The latest compact excavator range from New Holland Construction is further proof that good things come in small packages.

The seven models in the range have operating weights from 1140kg to 5600kg and state-of-the-art diesel engines with power ratings ranging from 6.1kW to 30.2kW.

Despite their compact dimensions and zero tail swing configurations, the New Holland machines’ greatest asset is versatility, which lets them perform tasks which other equipment cannot.

Two models, the E10SR and E18SR have retractable undercarriages providing a minimum width of 750mm for tight access areas and maximum stability (990mm) when digging.

Features across the range such as a standard dozer blade, standard auxiliary hydraulics and the availability of quality attachments make these excavators at home on jobs of any size.

Every compact excavator in the range is designed from the tracks up to move more dirt per hour. With a counterweight that never extends beyond the tracks, the operator can concentrate on the job at hand.

An upper swing shockless valve provides precise boom swing stops and an independent boom swing pump allows simultaneous operation of boom, arm, bucket and swing.

Powerful, reliable engines, the choice of two travel speeds, precise boom swing control and improved dozer blade performance are a major part of these New Holland compact excavators’ credentials.

Just as importantly all models in this extremely capable range feature a roomy, 820mm wide operator’s station with easy access, a wide threshold and excellent all-round visibility.

All models provide the longest seat track on the market, allowing operators of any size to be comfortable and productive.

For work environments where temperature and dust would otherwise reduce productivity, an optional factory developed enclosed cabin with air-conditioning is available.

The enclosed cabin’s front windshield can be lifted out and stowed safely in good weather.

The cab structure meets TOPS, ROPS and FOPS standards for operator safety in digging, swinging, loading or dozing operations.

An auxiliary hydraulics system is standard on all models, allowing the use of hammers on the single-acting circuit or switching to dual-flow with the use of the selector valve to run augers and nibblers.

Hydraulic pilot controls on all models allow low effort, vibration free, accurate operation. Manipulators control the low pressure servo circuit that in turn opens the main control valves, giving large excavator style operation.

The power ratings, breakout force and faster cycle times of these New Holland machines are achieved by low emission engines which have also been designed to be quiet and fuel efficient.

A straight propel system keeps the compact excavators on course and changing between low and high travel speeds is achieved by simply pushing a button.

Soft-start travel valves reduce shock load and an automatic downshift in high speed when cornering ensures operator safety.

For maximum flexibility in varying work environments buyers can specify rubber or steel tracks on all models. Bolt-on rubber pads are also available for steel tracks.

If you’d like to ask more about the New Holland Compact Excavator Range, contact your local New Holland dealer, call 1300 XCAVATE or visit


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