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Versatile control solutions: Topcon MC-X

Position Partners announces all-new Topcon MC-X machine control solutions, featuring MC-Mobile 3-in-1 setup for compact machines and MC-Max for excavators, graders, and dozers.

Position Partners, Topcon Positioning Systems’ exclusive Australian distributor, has announced the availability of the new Topcon MC-X platform of machine control solutions.

With all-new control units, updated 3D-MC software and flexible componentry that can be swapped and configured to suit the application, Topcon’s new platform promises increased processing power, speed, accuracy, and reliability.

“We’re excited to roll out Topcon’s new solutions for our customers here in Australia and have been working closely with early adopters to test their suitability for the local market,” said Josh Allan, Civil Business Executive Manager at Topcon.

Topcon MC-Max gives users the flexibility to mix and match component according to needs.

“The new platform offers the same user-friendly software and swappable components that customers know and love, but with faster, modern interfaces that connect directly into the machines. Topcon’s solutions have always been machine brand agnostic, but the new platform connects even more seamlessly to the machine and provides faster, more responsive performance that is market leading,” he added.

Now available for excavators, dozers, and graders, Topcon MC-Max can be fitted to all makes and models of heavy earthmoving machines. With flexible mounting solutions and optional automatic blade and bucket control for a variety of machines, the system also provides a full array of positioning technologies to suit the application.

From slope control and laser levelling to multi-constellation GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) positioning, robotic total station and Topcon’s unique Millimetre GPS technology, Topcon MC-Max gives users the flexibility to mix and match components for the task at hand.

For smaller excavators, skid steers, and compact track loaders, Topcon has designed a new 3-in-1 workflow solution to enable contractors to measure, design, and build with a single system. Topcon MC-Mobile combines the Topcon LN-150 construction total station, machine sensors, and a prism pole, with the option for GNSS positioning. Users can create and edit designs, set-out, and check as-builts without the need to scale off PDFs and use stringlines.

Backed by the Position Partners’ Tokara remote access technology, customers and support technicians can manage machine design files, communicate with operators, and solve technical problems without visiting machines in person.

“Tokara is able to connect to and support customers using the new MC-X platform technology to assist customers as they transition and learn the advanced features of the new system,” Allan said.

About Position Partners

With more than 350 people in offices throughout Australia, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand, Position Partners focusses on the distribution and support of intelligent positioning solutions for geospatial, construction, and mining projects. Position Partners is committed to increasing productivity for customers and building lasting business relationships around high calibre positioning activities.

Position Partners distributes Topcon machine control and positioning systems throughout Australia and Southeast Asia. Complementary solutions from other leading technology innovators include fleet management systems, high precision machine guidance, 3D laser scanners, remotely piloted aircraft, weighing, and proximity detection systems, along with a range of deformation monitoring options. Advanced hardware systems are powered by sophisticated software platforms that enable customers to analyse, monitor, and design efficiently.

A full range of leading instruments and systems is backed by reliable service and industry expertise to give customers the support they need for any project.

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