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VC 3000 cutter redefines trenching and quarrying standards


Global construction industry leader Epiroc introduces the groundbreaking VC 3000 V Cutter, the latest addition to its esteemed Erkat Powered by Epiroc drum cutter range.

The innovative V-shaped VC 3000 design challenges traditional chain cutters, setting a new benchmark for efficiency, energy savings, and maintenance in trenching and quarrying operations.

It joins the esteemed VC1400 and VC2000 models, offering a game-changing solution that delivers exceptional performance with 40 per cent fewer picks and a 25 per cent reduction in investment costs compared to conventional chain cutters.

Highlighting the significance of the achievement, Epiroc Business Development Manager Glenn Illingworth said the VC 3000 addressed efficiency challenges in trenching with a cost-effective alternative.

“By optimising drum angles, we’ve achieved comparable performance to chain cutters but with fewer picks and no overhaul requirements,” he said.

“This translates to increased uptime, user- friendliness, and significant cost savings for our clients.”

The V-shaped design ensures a flat base cut without leaving any material untouched between the drums.

This eliminates the need for side-to-side movements, reducing wear on the carrier arm.

The result is a more straightforward, fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly solution.

The VC 3000 incorporates proven Erkat Powered by Epiroc drum cutter features, such as robust spur gears, a high-torque gear motor, and the QuickSnap retaining system for swift pick changes.

It also includes the options of Pro bracket, hydraulic or mechanical rotatable brackets, a dust-preventing water spraying system, and an optional HATCON monitoring system for enhanced operational insights.

“The VC 3000 represents our commitment to providing solutions that elevate our customers to new heights, particularly in energy-saving and sustainability. This product is a testament to our continuous innovation and dedication to redefining industry standards,” Glenn said.

Epiroc, renowned for its German-quality products, distributes the VC drum cutter range through a dedicated dealer network in Australia and New Zealand.

The incorporation of Erkat Powered by Epiroc in January 2017 further expanded Epiroc’s Tools and Attachments division, reinforcing its position as a global leader in construction equipment.



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