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Updated CAT® 777E Truck Delivers Improved Performance And Fuel Efficiency For Lower Cost Per Tonne

Offering the highest in-class payload of 98.2 tonnes, the 2021 Cat® 777E Truck features improvements in power, torque, and transmission control to deliver best-in-class productivity. Updates also include configurable Eco Mode operation to reduce fuel consumption and drive down cost-per-tonne of material moved.

The updated Cat C32 engine delivers increased horsepower and a 7% improvement in torque to increase hauling performance. Optimized fuel mapping of the engine and adaptive economy mode determine the most efficient operating point to improve truck fuel economy.

Additionally, operators can select a variable engine derate from 0.5% to 15% in Eco Mode operation to further reduce fuel consumption—and the new automatic engine idle shutdown feature reduces fuel use and wear on engine components.

Today’s 777E Truck improves productivity by up to 5%. The new Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) improves transmission and engine coordination to better utilize available engine power. The result is as much as 7% more torque delivered to the drive wheels for improved hauling performance. The new control system also provides smooth shifting for greater operator comfort.

The 777E now offers a second gear start when underfoot conditions and grade allow. The strategy enables the truck to reach optimum speed more quickly, lowers cycle times and minimizes the number of transmission shifts. To save fuel, a new auto neutral idle feature shifts the transmission into a neutral-like condition when the truck is idling in drive. The transmission’s speed limit feature allows the machine to run at optimal gear for selected speed.

When working in cold conditions, the new auto-stall feature assists in quickly bringing the transmission to operating temperature at start-up. The effect is less non-productive time and reduced fuel consumed for warm-up.

The 777E also features updates that elevate operator efficiency. A new gearshift lever with integrated hoist and park brake controls eases operation, and the auto hoist feature delivers controlled truck bed descent to prevent body slams and increase component life.

A new touchscreen display features enhanced user interface options. Easy to read, it delivers improved navigation through machine control systems. The new display allows operators to monitor key machine operating parameters, like tracking payload, as well as upcoming scheduled service intervals.

A host of newly integrated Cat technologies help to improve hauling efficiency and truck longevity on the 777E. The new Truck Production Management System (TPMS) integrates strut pressure sensors and on-board computing and displays truck payload to the loading machine operator. The system helps attain target payload.

Vital Information Management System (VIMS) on board the new 777E allows operations to proactively manage machine health and production. Real-time machine performance, operating data and diagnostics are displayed on the in-cab monitor for easy viewing and troubleshooting. Integrated prognostics develop trends from cumulative collected operating data to help increase truck cycle efficiency.

A new Tonne-Kilometre (TKPH) feature helps ensure that truck operation falls within the operating range of the tires. The system monitors payload, speed, and ambient temperature to calculate operating conditions, and the operator receives an audible warning when conditions exceed tire limits.

The updated 777E comes standard with Product Link™ with either cellular or satellite reporting options to meet the needs of the mine, quarry and construction sites. Product Link captures critical machine operating data – location, hours, fuel, etc. – and reports it back to the main office through VisionLink®, helping to improve productivity, truck utilization, safety, and maintenance efficiency.

With integrated TPMS, the overload speed limiter works in conjunction with the improved truck payload system to automatically reduce travel speed when the truck is overloaded. Brake actuation is now fully hydraulic and delivers fast response and smooth application.

The new adjustable mirror package for the 777E improves rear visibility for the operator. An optional camera system delivers enhanced operating environment visibility to the machine’s front, rear and sides with the video feed displayed on the in-cab monitor.

Engine crank and machine lockouts disable the engine starter/secondary steering and implements to improve servicing safety. Lockout engagement is conveniently located at ground level and an indicator light display ensures lockout is effectively engaged.

The new optional automatic lubrication system provides grease for all lube points on the machine, eliminating the need for manual intervention. The tank fill-point is conveniently located at ground level to improve refilling simplicity and enhance safety.

More information about the 2021 Cat 777E Off-Highway Truck can be found by contacting your regional Cat dealer or visiting: Regional dealers

NSW/ACT WesTrac 1300 881 064
VIC/TAS William Adams 1300 923 267
Western Australia WesTrac 1300 881 064
QLD/NT Hastings Deering 131 228
South Australia Cavpower 08 8343 1600
NZ TERRA 0800 93 39 39

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