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Untapped profit and performance with VisionLink®

The team from Caterpillar explains how VisionLink® can supercharge your fleet management.

No matter how big or small your fleet, VisionLink® provides your business with the insights it needs to take action. Its updated interface reduces complexity and provides the right combination of features, so you can improve fuel efficiency, reduce idle time, and keep machines healthy, all leading to greater profitability. Better still, it’s available for mixed fleet management. Read on and you’ll discover from both experts and customers how VisionLink puts the power of knowledge in your hands.

Responding to growing customer needs

Over time, Caterpillar customers have become increasingly technology savvy. Business is moving too quickly for you to afford to be left behind, and our customers understand that the key to better management of operations is having access to more insights. Indeed, the very best contractors – the most successful ones – are extremely good at managing their logistics, enabling them to reduce their costs. Once it was all about the machines, but we are increasingly seeing a demand from customers for insights from telematics and data.

This is where VisionLink is so useful. Whether it’s helping contractors to manage their workflow, schedule maintenance or assign tasks – you name it, VisionLink is ready for it. Importantly, VisionLink was developed in close consultation with dealers and customers, and feedback was incorporated every step of the way.

The number one request we received time and again was to make this new interface more intuitive and easier to use. We recognise that when you’re on the jobsite, you are focused on getting the job done safely – on time and on budget. You need to have complete confidence that the data you’re receiving is one hundred per cent right. This is never more important than when bidding for jobs. Being accurate is the “secret sauce”, especially when overquoting can lose you a job and underquoting can cost you the shirt off your back. The beauty of VisionLink is that it makes all the data from previous jobs available for the next, allowing you to learn as you go.

We appreciate that technology adoption is a journey. That’s why we’ve packaged VisionLink to grow as you do. Our advice is to start training your people now because we’re only getting started. With VisionLink, the sky is the limit.

New VisionLink gives you new advantages

Asset tracking? Maximising machine uptime? Optimising utilisation? New VisionLink provides your business with the integrated full-fleet management solution you’ve been looking for. The platform’s new, intuitive interface will help you manage your entire fleet efficiently, regardless of manufacturer. Whether your equipment is owned, leased, or rented, you’ll now have access to data to make better informed asset management decisions.

VisionLink is cloud-based, making it accessible from your desktop, tablet, and mobile device. It allows users to stay up to date on key metrics, such as asset location, fuel level, idle time, and more. Easy-to-use dashboards allow for asset management by groups and geofences. Plus, by defining access levels for personnel, you get to decide who can and cannot edit settings and configurations. That way, customised reports can be generated and sorted automatically to facilitate tasks such as identifying underutilised equipment.

VisionLink also consolidates, the Cat® app, and the previous version of VisionLink applications into one centralised solution for easy fleet management. It also offers streamlined subscription levels designed to reduce complexity and provide the right combination of features for businesses of any size.

VisionLink continues to offer core telematics data standard with every machine to answer important questions about assets. That includes daily machine location, utilisation, fuel usage, maintenance reminders and integration with Caterpillar’s extensive digital ecosystem.

What customers have to say

Anthony Guho (left), Guho Corp.

“Before VisionLink, our equipment management was very reactive. VisionLink has really improved our maintenance program, reduced planned downtime, and maximised efficiency.”

Anthony Guho,

Guho Corp, Idaho, USA.


Matthew Koranda, Goodmanson Construction.

“VisionLink has allowed us to expand our company and grow our fleet. We’re able to see fuel usage, idle time versus working time, what equipment is being utilised the way we designed it, and what is being underutilised.”

Matthew Koranda,

Goodmanson Construction, Minnesota, USA.

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