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Unearthing new potential with Ditch Witch

This year, Ditch Witch welcomes a new all-terrain directional drill to the Australian market, with greater stability, greater horsepower and more advanced electronics.

Ditch Witch CEA boasts the most comprehensive line up of directional drills, HDD tooling, vacuum excavators, trenchers, vibratory ploughs and more available on the market. With impetus on power, the Ditch Witch range is curated to withstand extreme use.

Construction Equipment Australia (CEA) supplies equipment to many industries from construction, through to agriculture, to waste management. All machines are developed for their grunt, versatility, and ergonomics, backed by more than 70 years of expertise.

Ditch Witch CEA have made significant investments in aftersales support for these products – including; factory trained technicians and parts availability at each branch, and will also offer local HDD guidance and utility locator servicing for their Subsite Electronics products. In addition, CEA will also offer operator training via their Virtual Reality Simulator, based on these new HDD models – as these are all important factors in the aftersales support in the drill market.

This year, Ditch Witch introduces a new product to the Australian market, featuring greater stability, higher horsepower, and more advanced electronics.

The newest in the all-terrain directional drill line-up, the AT32 is equipped with a Cummins Diesel engine with 155 horsepower, offering the highest horsepower in its class. Packed with 32,000 lb of thrust and pullback, the AT32 provides power for efficient installation through tough soils – even hard rock won’t slow it down.

The new look AT32 replaces the outgoing AT30 model, offering significantly more power and efficiency advancements, in a similar footprint – and shares a common platform with existing next generation models in the Ditch Witch line-up (new climate controlled quiet cabin, increased power, thrust and torque, as well as more onboard pipe and a higher flow fluid pump). There are also many design and technological advancements which offer efficiency gains while drilling, while retaining the proven reliability Ditch Witch is known for.

The AT32 perfectly balances size and power, packing high performance into a sleek, streamline hull. Whether towing, mobilising or drilling, the compact footprint allows operators to manoeuvre metropolitan job sites with ease and confidence. Complete job site set-up can also now be completed with the advanced wireless remote.

A heavy-duty anchor system holds operation position for more precise control in all soil conditions. Latest iteration in the all-terrain evolution also features 4200 ft lbs of rotational torque to unearth new levels of performance.

The operator-focused design features a fully retractable, climate-controlled cab, a heated seat and increased leg room. The ergonomic station is designed specifically with HDD operators at the fore, with adjustable suspension and two 7” LED colour screens for better visibility to all machine functions.

As well as including 29% more onboard pipe, the AT32 also allows operators the option to manually add pipe when low to improve productivity and keep the job running. The Ditch Witch HDD system includes: HDD tooling complete with a full line of drill bits, HD backreamers, drill pipe and beacon housings; Subsite Electronics HDD Guidance systems for a clear plan, more control and faster reporting; vacuum excavators; and training to keep crews confident and efficient.

Ditch Witch CEA will unveil the AT32 at No-Dig Down Under Exhibition in March 2022 in Sydney, with units available for order soon thereafter. You can contact your local Ditch Witch CEA branch on 1300 788 757 for more information.

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