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UHI US40K Skid Loader

UHI Machinery might not be a brand that everyone has heard of, but they are producing solid machines with great specs, features, and most importantly price tag. EEM put the UHI US40K Skid Loader to the test with some very impressive results.


It’s worth mentioning that the UHI brand machines come out of the same factory as other more recognised brand name machines, with some serious specs and components like the Xinchai 4-cylinder 49hp engine (producing 36.8kW/2500 rpm). The hydraulic drive technology features stable drive and high efficiency with reliable performance – you will feel the power from the get-go! If you’re the type of operator looking to up the ante in the power department, the US40K is the machine for you.

For our review we teamed up with Matt Alder from DUAL Landscapes & Stonework. Matt and his team have been producing stunning work around Sydney’s Northern Beaches for almost 15 years. He has operated a wide range of machines during that time and was a great asset to have on hand for this test.

After putting the skid steer through its paces for a few hours, when I asked Matt for his first thoughts about the UHI US40K, he shared, “This machine has turned out to be a bit of a surprise package. I hadn’t heard the name UHI before and wasn’t too sure what to expect. The first thing I noticed was how smooth it was because other machines I’ve operated tend to really throw you around. The US40K had loads of power and plenty of room in the cab. It was a little different to what I am used to in terms of controls, with the left-hand joystick controlling the direction of the machine and the right-hand joystick controlling the bucket. The machine was fitted with a 4-in-1 bucket with easily changeable open and close speed, and after spending 20 minutes getting used to this configuration, I was off and away. Ease of use was impressive – the machine is intuitive so most people with a bit of experience will find it easy to operate.”

Apart from the power and ease of use of the US40K, there are some great specs and components onboard, which contribute to the impressive performance of the US40K. With a load rated capacity of 750kg and an operating weight of 3140kg, the US40K is producing max breakout force of 18kN. This unit gets moving with a ground speed of 14.3 km/h. With four bar linkage, hydraulic flow rate of 62.5 litres/min and 200 bar of hydraulic pressure, you can easily run any attachment on this machine. Other items that will impress are the reversing camera, rotating beacon, mechanical suspension seat and Permco working pump with Rexroth travel pump and motor.

I asked Matt about the physical performance of the US40K, “During testing we had various materials to move around and rip into, from freshly tipped tree lopping and branches to mulched material, rock and stone. The machine didn’t hesitate at any stage producing plenty of power, even when lifting heavy stone material, which I work with all the time. It felt solid on the ground and had a good amount of ground speed. I can see the US40K being a top machine for operators who need to move material. Operators like me who work with stone and heavier materials through to tradies who require other attachments will feel the quality of the machine’s frame. It’s a solid machine with dimensions of 3310mm x 1800mm x 1950mm – you can feel the firmness and build quality.”

The next step up from the US40K is the US50K, which with its Japanese Yanmar Engine at 68hp, rated load capacity of 900kg, operating weight of 3200kg, and high flow rate up to 120l/min, would also be an ideal machine for operators like Matt who lift heavy material.

Another big feature of the UHI brand is its international, first-class quality hydraulic unit, which features reliable, energy-saving high efficiency design and manufacture. What’s even more impressive is that the machine hydraulics are the same as other leading brands, so you have access to a large number of accessories and attachments – like augers and buckets – which will fit perfectly to your UHI machine.

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