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UHI machinery’s loader range provides power and versatility

UHI Machinery stands out in the national earthmoving machinery market courtesy of its ever-evolving, premium-quality small machinery portfolio, decked out to thrive in demanding conditions and tackle a variety of commercial projects, including its range of wheel loaders, skid steer loaders and mini loaders.

The small machinery specialist has built its reputation around its highly efficient and effective machines, manufactured by top-tier manufacturers and sporting high-quality components, providing ample grunt when the going gets tough, while also delivering versatility when required.

On the back of its unique product offering, UHI has grown its presence around the country in recent years, spanning branches in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Townsville, with it providing both in-store pick-up and nationwide delivery.

Across its wider loader range, UHI offers machines built to last, featuring a robust construction and a quality comparable to other big brands, with its loaders primed to power on through in undertaking a broad array of commercial landscaping, agricultural and construction projects.

The US40K and US50K skid steer loaders provide operators productivity and efficiency benefits in carrying out a variety of applications, and have the muscle required to get the job done across agricultural, farming, nursery and construction projects.

The US40K’s substantial rated load capacity makes it a strong and sturdy option to have on hand across a range of challenging site conditions, while the US50K steps the power up another notch, making it a go-to machine when more bulk is required.

The LG820 and LG825 wheel loaders are solid and reliable units, packing plenty of power and have been designed to go the distance, which can be deployed across a variety of projects, including farming applications, construction works and recycling jobs.

Both machines are as robust and resilient as they look, featuring a high-strength welded frame, providing operators peace of mind that they will keep on powering on through when it comes to undertaking a range of tasks day in and day out and from one project to the next.

The UWL807 and UWL810T articulated mini loaders bring together power and versatility, with the articulated design enabling manoeuvrability on job sites, paving the way for operators to get the job done across a variety of applications.

Both the UWL807 and UWL810T feature substantial rated load capacities, and provide plenty of power when required, meaning operators can confidently get stuck into projects where a bit more grunt is needed.

The eco-friendly U50 electric mini loader is a compact unit with a powerful lifting capacity, and an extremely convenient machine to have at the ready when both versatility and power are required on a job site.

The U50 delivers up to eight hours of working time on a single charge, making it a more-than-handy option for tackling small earthworks projects.

UHI supports its high-quality product portfolio with knowledgeable and responsive customer service, with it firmly focused on ensuring customers receive the assistance they require at each stage of the purchase process, from sales through to after-sales.

In addition to this, UHI offers several finance options, designed to help customers quickly get equipment up and running in the field, with it very much aware of the importance of timing in tackling different projects.

UHI is also focused on opening additional branches around the country in the near future, building its nationwide network, while continuing to add to its product line-up.

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