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UHI Machinery launches XCMG Rotary Drilling Rigs

UHI Machinery’s product portfolio continues to evolve, with the small machinery specialist branching out into the foundation drilling segment and introducing two rotary drilling rig models to its line-up, which just landed to their Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane branches.

Manufactured by multinational heavy machinery company XCMG, the XR80E and XR240E rigs now stocked through UHI Machinery bring together a range of innovative features and deliver strong productivity benefits.
The XCMG family of rotary drilling rig covers every need and every application, no matter how big or small, no matter how harsh or remote. We offer drills in every size class — small, medium, large and ultra. But no matter which machine best fits your needs, you can count on the same level of quality, reliability and support that comes standard with every XCMG drill.

In a short time, UHI has forged a reputation as a supplier of high-quality machines sourced from top-tier manufacturers. Its partnership with XCMG, a top five global construction machinery company, is no exception, with XCMG machines recognised for their durability and efficiency.
In line with this, the XR80E and XR240E complement UHI’s portfolio of wheel loaders, skid steer loaders and mini loaders. A hallmark of the UHI range is the capacity to thrive in demanding conditions and tackle a variety of commercial projects, with the XR80E and XR240E providing all-round value.


UHI’s new XCMG rigs are decked out to tackle both driven and drilled pile foundation projects, catering for Kelly drilling, continuous flight auger, full displacement piles, single column mixing, cased continuous flight auger and low headroom applications. There are multiple functions in the XCMG rigs including optional cylinder pressurisation, hoisting pressure, casing drive, long spiral, high-speed throwing soil, and more to satisfy specific requests.


The XR240E is a multifunctional machine, widely used in the hole-forming operations of cast-in-place concrete piles in the construction of roads, railways, bridges and large venues (with it especially suitable for industrial and civil buildings).

Weighing in at 84t (excluding drilling tools), its features include:

• A 252kW Isuzu electronically controlled turbocharged engine meets North American Tier 4 Final and Euro StageⅤemission standards, paving the way for lower fuel consumption along with convenient and efficient service;
• Provides quick functions switching, such as crowd cylinder, crowd winch, continuous flight auger and dual rotary drive, meeting different construction needs;
• The rotary drive and main winch are designed to deliver efficient performance, with the main and auxiliary winches both utilising single-rope technology;
• The double jib parallelogram luffing mechanism has a large support angle, making operations more stable;
• An intelligent control system enables functions such as automatic adjustment and display of mast perpendicularity, automatic rotation, spin-off, lifting and concrete pouring, and pile type display;
• The hydraulic system adopts negative flow control technology, which has a fast response and good handling performance; and
• A high-power, temperature-controlled independent hydraulic oil radiator can meet the construction requirements of high-temperature areas, with it adjusting the fan speed according to temperature changes, saving energy.


The XR80E is composed of a base unit on crawlers and a drilling application module, which is widely used in the hole-forming operations of cast-in-place concrete piles in the construction of roads, railways, bridges, ports and high-rise buildings.
Weighing in at 30t (excluding drilling tools), its features include:
• An electronically controlled and turbo-
charged 115kW Cummins engine, which meets North American Tier 4 Final and Euro Stage V emission standards;
• A hydraulic telescopic crawler chassis and large diameter slewing bearing provides strong stability and allows for easy transportation;
• The hydraulic pressure system adopts limited power control and negative flow control, delivering energy efficiency;
• A standard centralised lubrication system makes maintenance more convenient;
• Standard configuration of the crowd cylinder is complemented by optional multifunctional configuration (including crowd winch, continuous flight auger and rotary spray); and
• Can be transported with the Kelly bar.


UHI’s high-quality product portfolio is supported by knowledgeable and responsive customer service, that is strongly focused on ensuring customers receive the assistance they require at each stage of the purchase process from sales through to after-sales.
UHI also offers several finance options, designed to help customers quickly get equipment up and running in the field, with it very much aware of the importance of timing in tackling different projects.
Having grown its presence around the country in recent years, UHI’s network spans branches in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Townsville, providing both in-store pick-up and nationwide delivery.

In stock for immediate delivery, pricing starts from $450,000 plus GST. Interested? Make an inspection with UHI and you will be impressed by this beauty! UHI’s new XCMG rigs are decked out to tackle both driven and drilled pile foundation projects.

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