UHI Machinery forging a big presence in the small machinery sector

UHI Machinery has been hard at work in recent times carving out a niche in the local market, with the small machinery specialist maintaining an assorted product portfolio with an emphasis on affordability and geared towards meeting the needs of small businesses and tradesmen.

UHI stands out in the market by virtue of its competitively priced earthmoving machines – spanning mini excavators, skid loaders and wheel loaders – which are sold factory direct and distributed nationally under a model strongly focused on cutting down on costs.

When it comes to undertaking relatively small-scale jobs, larger machines may in many cases not be a practical or economic choice for smaller operators, with UHI seeking to offer customers who fall into this bracket a range of options.

Catering for its customers’ varied needs, UHI’s machines are small in size but have plenty of grunt and are decked out to deliver across a variety of applications, while providing for an uncomplicated path to machine ownership.

Across the full scope of its mini excavator, skid loader and wheel loader range, UHI’s machines incorporate robust and reliable components, and have been designed with a firm priority on durability and reliability.

All frames are robot welded, which not only provides for a great appearance, but also a super-strong structure, while the range of accessories used across UHI’s machines are sourced from well-known brands.

Built tough, UHI machines are primed to get the job done in different conditions, and across an evolving product range, operators in search of a machine to tackle smaller-scale jobs have a number of options at their disposal.

The UME10S and XU20 swing boom mini excavators highlight the variety on offer from the UHI product portfolio, spanning machines suitable for tackling small-scale jobs to those decked out to undertake commercial applications.

At the more compact end of the scale, the UME10S is primed to take on small jobs and tight access excavations, making it ideal for a variety of operations across hobby farms, backyards, renovations, and semi-commercial jobs.

Meanwhile, the premium XU20 is a new addition to UHI’s line-up (having been released this year) with the larger machine packing the power required to get stuck into a range of commercial applications.
• UME10S swing boom mini excavator– 850kg operating weight and runs a 7.6kW Koop engine; 1.65m maximum digging depth, 2.59m maximum digging height and 1.965m maximum unloading height
• XU20 swing boom mini excavator– 1.89t operating weight and runs an 11.8kW Kubota engine; 2.29m maximum digging depth, 3.475m maximum digging height and 2.415m maximum dumping height

In undertaking agriculture, farming, nursery, and construction projects, to name a few, the U30 skid loader and US40K skid steer loader provide operators flexibility when it comes to works across a range of applications.

The compact U30 is a productive unit to have on hand when taking on works across construction, landscaping, and hobby farms, while the larger US40K is primarily used for construction and farming operations.
• U30 skid loader – 980kg operating weight, with a 400kg rated load capacity, running a 15.5kW Briggs & Stratton engine; 0.15m3 bucket capacity
• US40K skid steer loader – 3.08t operating weight, with a 750kg rated load capacity, running a 36.8kW Xinchai engine; 0.45m3 bucket capacity

UHI’s LG938 and LG940 wheel loaders have been designed to deliver when it comes to power and performance, and are suitable for a variety of applications, including farming and construction works.

These two machines have also been built with robustness and reliability firmly in mind, paving the way for operators to confidently get stuck into their work day in and day out, from one project to the next.
• LG938 wheel loader – 5.2t operating weight, with a 2.2t rated load capacity, running a 76kW Huafeng engine; 1m3 bucket capacity, 4.01m maximum lifting height and 3.4m maximum dumping height
• LG940 wheel loader – 6.4t operating weight, with a 2.5t rated load capacity, running an 85kW Yuchai engine; 1.2m3 bucket capacity, 4.38m maximum lifting height and 3.75m maximum dumping height

UHI is focused on bringing efficient, effective and affordable products to the local market, complemented by a high-quality, comprehensive service offering, designed to assist customers at every stage of the process.

Underpinning its product range, UHI recognises the importance of supportive customer service, from the initial sales process and purchase of machinery, through to after-sales support, ensuring customers continue to get value from their equipment.

In conjunction with its product range, UHI offers a number of finance options, tailored to help customers quickly get equipment up and running via a weekly payment plan.

UHI’s range of machines also come with a three-year warranty nationwide, providing customers additional peace of mind, with UHI keeping a comprehensive range of spare parts in stock, catering to customer after-sales requirements.

UHI dealerships can be found across Australia, in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Townsville and Perth, with UHI firmly focused on future growth, continuing to build its market presence and cater for the small machinery needs of its growing customer base.

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