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UHI adds more muscle to skid-steer line-up

Small machinery specialist, UHI Machinery continues to add new machines to its portfolio of premium-range models, decked out to get the job done when the going gets tough.

UHI Machinery has recently introduced further muscle to its skid steer loader range, bringing two new powerful units to the local market in the form of the US40T and US50T.

Both the US40T and US50T sport high- quality components manufactured by top-tier manufacturers, and have the capacity to tackle a range of commercial applications, getting the job done efficiently and effectively from one project to the next.

A key feature of the UHI range is reliability, with its machines built to go the distance, offering a quality comparable to the big name brands. The US40T and US50T are no exception, designed to power on through in carrying out a range of commercial landscaping, agricultural and construction projects.

US40T: A skid steer loader with plenty of grunt

The US40T skid steer loader offers operators plenty of power, and is a more-than-handy unit to have at the ready when undertaking a variety of different tasks across the agriculture, farming, nursery and construction sectors.

It has a substantial rated load capacity, making it an extremely solid option for taking on challenging applications, with operators having ample grunt at their disposal to push on through when required.

It also sports an efficient and effective Xinchai engine, which in conjunction with a range of top-quality components underpins a smooth operating experience, delivering operators a stable drive and overall reliability.

US50T: A skid steer loader that takes it up another notch

The US50T skid steer loader packs a bit more muscle than the US40T, making it an ideal machine for taking on more heavy duty commercial applications, including projects in the construction and farming sectors.

It features a larger rated load capacity, with it in turn capable of stepping up the power another notch when needed, and is a good option for operators who regularly require a bit of extra bulk to press ahead in undertaking different projects.

The US50T runs a powerful Yanmar engine, and like the US40T is equipped with premium components, which combine to deliver operators both grunt and a smooth operating performance in equal measures.

UHI further expands line-up

Other recent additions to the UHI product line-up include the UHI30D, UHI30T and U45T skid steer loaders. Each of these machines pack plenty of power, and are designed to keep on pushing through when deployed across a variety of commercial projects.

Like the US40T and US50T, they are robust and resilient machines, and deliver operators a smooth operating experience, providing substantial grunt to help get the job done in short time, both day to day and project to project.

Backing product portfolio with high-quality service

UHI is focused on supporting its high-quality product portfolio with knowledgeable and responsive customer service, delivering its customers the expertise and assistance they require at each stage of the sales process, from sales through to after-sales.

As UHI continues to introduce new machines to the local market, it has in turn been growing its presence around the country, spanning branches in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Townsville, with it providing both in-store pick-up and nationwide delivery.

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