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Trimble Takes Construction Machine Control To The Next Level

Groundbreaking new features and industry-firsts in Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform Version 2.0.

Trimble announced Trimble®  Earthworks Grade Control Platform version 2.0 with groundbreaking new features for all machine types, along with the release of the Trimble Earthworks Assistant App for in-cab learning material. These improvements are designed to enable faster ROI, increase productivity and decrease training time for operators.

A first in the construction industry, Horizontal Steering Control for dozers automatically controls the machine to follow any horizontal alignment such as the back of a curb, breakline, roadway centerline or bottom of slope, without operator assistance. Another first, Augmented Reality for excavators enables users to easily understand 3D models, cut/fill information, slope data and other bench points and reference points on the in-cab display in context, without the need to interpret complex 2D plans or stakes.

A new mastless motor grader configuration gives operators an improved range of blade motion, allowing for machine control in applications where it was previously not possible.

Integrated Trimble LOADRITE® Payload Management displays grade control and accurate payload data on one screen, increasing mass haul productivity and efficiency by preventing underloading, and improving safety by avoiding overloading. Contractors  can maximise their investment in Trimble Earthworks by leveraging the versatility of these added options.

Trimble Earthworks is also now available for compact grading attachments with dual GNSS, single GNSS and total station guidance options.

The announcement was made at ConExpo 2020, North America’s largest trade show for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment.

The Trimble booth is located in the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall #N-1140.

Horizental Steering Control For Dozers

Horizontal Steering Control allows the operator to focus on the grade and machine productivity rather than worrying about steering, reducing operator fatigue and errors. It enables the machine to follow the horizontal guidance from the 3D model, providing operators increased awareness of their surroundings, better accuracy and improved productivity with decreased overlap and fewer passes.

“Trimble is on the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge technology along the path to automation,” said Scott Crozier, vice president, Trimble’s Civil Engineering and Construction. “Using proven steering technology from Trimble Agriculture, we are continuing to advance construction machine control yet again.”

Mastless Motor Grader

Trimble Earthworks for motor graders mastless configuration mounts one  GNSS receiver on the cab and one on the gooseneck of the machine to eliminate masts and cables traditionally located on the blade. Mastless GNSS receivers are ideal for the blade’s maximum range of motion, which is needed for steep slope work and complex designs with tight tolerances. The new configuration enables contractors to decrease risk of damage to the machine, keep valuable receivers safer as well as reduce the time needed to remove and reinstall them each day.

Augmented Reality for Excavators

Augmented Reality was first released in the Trimble SiteVision™ system and is now available on excavators with Trimble Earthworks. Using a camera mounted on the outside of the machine, operators can

view 3D models in a real-world environment at a true-life scale, in the context of existing surroundings. On the Trimble Earthworks display, the model is overlaid onto the existing ground giving the operator a better understanding of the work that needs to be done. Visibility of the bucket gives operators better situational awareness to be able to keep surrounding people and objects safe.

“With the intersection of physical and digital worlds, Trimble is empowering contractors  to accelerate their business,” said Cameron Clark, business area manager, Trimble’s Civil Engineering and Construction. “Augmented Reality simplifies complex concepts by allowing users to see a blend of digital content and real-world environments.”

Earthworkers Assistant App

Trimble now has an easier way to access critical Earthworks learning material and documentation, allowing for a shorter learning curve and less downtime for operators.

This stand-alone app consolidates and simplifies access to training guides and videos inside and outside of the cab. The Earthworks Assistant App makes it easy  to learn and troubleshoot using an Android cell phone, even from remote sites.


Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform version 2.0, including integrated LOADRITE Payload Management, mastless motor grader for select Cat® motor graders and Augmented Reality for excavators is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2020 through the worldwide SITECH®  distribution channel. Horizontal Steering Control for dozers is expected to be available in the second half of 2020 through the worldwide SITECH distribution channel. Mastless motor grader, Augmented Reality for excavators and Horizontal Steering Control for dozers will require additional hardware and software purchases. The Trimble Earthworks Assistant App is available for download at no charge from the Google Play Store. For more information, visit:

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