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Transforming efficiency with ALLU

ALLU’s Transformer bucket range makes quick work of screening onsite.

In today’s time-sensitive landscape, uptime and efficiency are vital to the success of any earthmoving enterprise.

Fortunately, ALLU’s range of Transformer processing buckets caters for just that, and more.

By having an ALLU Transformer bucket at the ready, civil workers wouldn’t have to move material offsite to be screened before hauling it back and reusing it. Instead, the processing bucket can screen the material right there.

“The push that we have here is into the civil construction and earthmoving industry, where they can repurpose material on site,” QLD Rock Breakers product specialist Craig Einam says.

“They don’t have to truck it off, truck it back, or bring fixed plant on, which is expensive. They can quickly repurpose material. They might only do a week’s work on one site and then they can move to the next site.”

Einam says contractors can save a lot of money by avoiding dump fees and transport costs, which can add up on today’s job sites.

“ALLU is the leading processing bucket in the world today, and stands out in a crowded processing market,” he says.

“ALLU has created a niche with their latest bucket technology, which puts them ahead of anything else.”

An ALLU screening bucket attached to a skid steer
ALLU’s processing buckets can screen the material on site, avoiding transport costs.

Save even more time

The latest ALLU innovation is Variable Drum (VD drum), which enables the operator to quickly replace fixed TS blades without the need to open the chain-box.

Enabling a variable drum setup means an individual drum or blades can be changed more quickly, saving time and money.

ALLU’s patented TS (top screen) construction and screening blades make it possible to screen materials even when they are wet or moist without fear of the structure getting clogged.

With the TS structure, it is also possible to get three different fragment sizes from the same ALLU unit by rearranging the screening combs with no additional costs.

The Variable Drum enables the operator to quickly replace fixed TS blades.

One step ahead with an extensive range of products

ALLU has been consistently one step ahead leading the industry for over 35 years, with truly mobile, compact screening buckets, which are the perfect attachment for compact base machines to screen and transform your materials.

The ALLU Transformer range is among the widest spanning on the market, with units available to fit almost any base machine size – from the compact DL Series that suit excavators from four to 12 tonnes through to the M Series, which will fit excavators up to 160 tonnes and wheel loaders up to 90 tonnes.

ALLU New VD Drum is currently available for DN 3-12 TS and DN 3-17 TS models.

ALLU’s extensive range of products are distributed to over 30 countries around the world and are available across Australia throughout the authorised dealership network, which can also provide any maintenance required.


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