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Trafalgar Tyre Service Partners With Bearcat Tyres

Family-owned-and-operated Trafalgar Tyre Service has long been providing the local community in and around the Victorian West Gippsland town of Trafalgar with a range of tyre services, from retail through to agricultural tyres, with the independent tyre shop having originally opened its doors close to four decades ago.

Owners Peter Dart and son Nathan, who together draw on a combined experience of more than 40 years in the tyre and transport industry took over the business seven years ago, with Peter having previously worked for another tyre business in the Trafalgar area.

“I worked for a fellow that I knew 25 years ago, who owned a tyre service. I went there initially for 12 months and I ended up staying 18 years,” Peter told EEM.

“And now we’ve been running Trafalgar Tyre Service for seven years. So, I’ve got 25 years of experience in the tyre industry.”

Peter said that Trafalgar Tyre Service, which employs four full-time staff, operates locally within a radius of around 40 km, with onsite services making up an important component of the business’ service offering.

“While we are quite agriculturally centred, we provide a diverse tyre service,” he explained. “We’re probably a third agricultural and light industrial, a third transport industry, trucks and that type of vehicle, and a third retail, made up of 4WDs and passenger vehicles and the like.

“We try to offer a personalised service, and all of our people are experienced in what they do. Our aim when we took over the business was that our service would be a difference between us and our competitors, and we’re reasonably well known, with a lot of our advertising by word of mouth.”

Overseeing a diverse product range, Peter said that Trafalgar Tyre Service has been dealing with distributor Bearcat Tyres, which specialises in industrial, construction and earthmoving equipment tyres, wheels and rubber tracks, and which is the Australian division of Camso, since he took over the business.

Drawing on the Bearcat product portfolio, Peter told EEM that Trafalgar Tyre Service has been selling Camso tyres over the past five years, with its customers including landscape and garden products manufacturer Pinegro Products, which runs a fleet of loaders.

“We introduced them to the Camso product around four years ago, and they’ve been more than happy with what they’ve done,” he said. “So, they’ve maintained that, they’re happy with the price, they’re happy with the end product and with its performance.

“While Pinegro is mainly loader tyres, we’ve also got other customers which specialise in asphalting, and they use the Camso tyres on their skid steers. It’s not just in the heavy earthmover stuff, but it’s in some of the lighter stuff as well.”

Among the Camso tyre range, the Camso WHL 753R (for wheel loaders, motor graders and articulated dump trucks) and the Camso ADT 753R (for articulated dump trucks) radial tyres are designed to deliver versatility, durability, enhanced stability and traction.

Paul Sorbello, Major Accounts Sales Executive, Bearcat Victoria, told EEM that he has been supporting Trafalgar Tyre Service since he started with Bearcat in 2014, and highlighted the competitive pricing of Camso tyres when compared to other major brands.

“Peter’s customer was using another large name brand in the past, and was prepared to try our new product when it was released as the price was good,” Paul commented.

“Camso products are highly tested before release, both in R&D centres and via in-field testing. As such, Bearcat was able to provide Peter with some concrete performance data to share with his customer.

“After the initial trial, the customer continues to be very happy with the performance and wear of Camso tyres in their many applications, and continues to ask for Camso whenever there’s a need for a tyre replacement.”

• Premium 2* radial carcass – enhancing stability and suitability for multiple machine types and applications
• Offset, tapered tread lugs – reducing vibration for an improved ride quality
• Optimised tread pattern – enhancing durability and providing a low wear rate
• Non-directional stepped lug design – assists self-cleanout for improved traction

Equipped with a comprehensive knowledge of the off-highway industry, Paul added that Bearcat is focused on ensuring customers get good value from its product range, paving the way for these positive experiences to translate into repeat business at a retail level.

• Non-directional tread pattern with optimised lug-to-void ratio – low vibration and improved handling
• Deep tread depth – enhancing traction in mixed off-road conditions
• Heavy duty 2 star radial casing – supports load and speed requirements with stability and comfort
• Premium rubber compounds – reducing in service heat build-up

Peter said that his relationship with Bearcat stretches back to before he took over Trafalgar Tyre Service, going back around 15 years in total, making it an obvious move to partner with Bearcat when taking over the business.

“Bearcat supports us in the sense that they’ve got a terrific, diverse range of tyres and products that they provide,” he said.

“It’s a really broad range of products often with multiple tread patterns, and they’ve got good people to deal who understand the off-highway industry. We know that dealing with Bearcat means we have the experts on our side to ensure customers get good value from products we in turn recommend. The good experience brings customers back through our doors.”

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