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Trackgrip – Improved Traction Helps Bottom Line

For the last 10 years, Trackgrip has provided a massive increase in profitability, while saving time and money.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not always cooperate with even the best planned construction schedules – changeable weather and interruptions to workflow can be caused by too much rain. Trackgrip can be the difference between a profitable job or a break-even job.

“I have a set of Mightygrips on a ZX-120 and a CAT-312LC mulching on steep hilly country. You have to be safe when working on steep slopes of 35 to 45 degrees. When running out big slides all day with a mulcher on you can’t ‘jam it into the ground to stop’ like you can with a bucket or rake on… they have to be the best value for money. They out walk the digger in sand! I’ll be 100% buying more next winter to have a set for both diggers because it saves me hours of benching to get to hard, steep, hilly places. Thank you Trackgrip.” – Wade Hogg Contracting LTD

Many construction law disputes revolve around delay claims. Weather is one of the most frequent types of delays that force contractors to extend their schedule to complete contracted work. Weather delays can cause many additional costs including the costs of maintaining an idle workforce and equipment, unabsorbed office overheads and lost efficiencies.

Heavy machinery contractors are saving time and ultimately money by using Trackgrip to improve the traction and versatility of their machines; jobs that would normally not be accessible are able to proceed.

Being able to work longer into the wet season and not stopping when conditions deteriorate allows operators to deliver on time and on budget.  Let’s break it down into the daily operation of an excavator: Consider these facts

At the very least a machine plus the operator will cost $150 per hour. Based on an eight-hour day this is $1200 per day. After four days of downtime you have missed out on $4800. A set of Trackgrips is considerably less than this amount.

What about a welded grouser bar?

While a grouser bar might be cheap to buy there is a cost to weld it to the machine, which permanently modifies the machine reducing the jobs it can do. You also need at least two days of downtime to weld it to the tracks.

Have you had more than four days of downtime in a year? Don’t waste another day!

Trackgrip is the answer! It can bolt on and off in less than half an hour. Don’t miss that deadline or that profit. Trackgrip allows you to be more efficient, more versatile and more competitive.

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