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Tough solutions for any site: JCB site dumpers

A JCB site dumpster being loaded by an excavator

Whatever the job, and at whatever the scale, there’s a JCB site dumper to suit. CEA’s Greg Sealey breaks down what the range can offer the Australian market.

JCB’s range of site dumpers is designed to cater to a wide range of industries and applications, including civil works, road construction, commercial and residential construction, as well as rental companies.

The 100 per cent electric 1TE is perfect for work on fume-sensitive sites.

According to Greg Sealey, CEA General Manager of Distribution, JCB has designed the range to balance innovation with reliability, ease of use, and operator safety.

“Because JCB designs and build these machines in-house, there is the flexibility to incorporate standard JCB componentry,” he says. “This ensures operators familiar with JCB machines will find them easy to operate, increasing productivity and minimising downtime.”

Greg says that as with all JCB machinery, safety and ease of service are big areas of focus across the dumper range.

“The heavy-duty swing tip locking device keeps the skip locked in a straight-ahead position when operators are on the move removing the risk of it swinging while being driven around site,” Greg says.

“Hoses and hydraulic components are smartly positioned so that they get the maximum possible protection from site damage while remaining easy to access and service, and easy ground level service access to the chassis and engine makes it easier for technicians to quickly access and diagnose any issues.

Greg says JCB’s site dumpers are popular with rental companies.

“Additionally, all engine panels are mounted on heavy-duty hinges and can be locked with high specification latches for additional security, and the large service doors used on this range allow best-in-class service access.”

JCB CEA’s dumper range comprises five models – four diesel-powered machines, and one electric.

The 1T-2, 3T-2, 6T-2, and 9T-2 – each named after their respective payload in tonnes – provide customers a range of options depending on the needs of the job and the size of the worksite.

For example, the compact 1T-2 offers the narrow width and tight turning circle necessary for landscapers or house builders. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the large 9T-2 offers the power required to shift massive quantities of material on the toughest sites.

According to Greg, the 100 per cent electric 1TE dumper is one product in JCB’s portfolio that is gaining popularity among customers looking to incorporate future technologies into their fleet, as well as any who need to work indoors or in other fume-sensitive areas.

“Because JCB has had a strong focus on electric technology for some time now, our customers are confident in the products and keen to either trial or purchase the equipment and be leaders in the market,” he says.

Greg says large service doors allow best-in-class service access.

Greg says JCB’s site dumpers are a smart addition to any fleet of existing JCB machinery, due to uniformity in common driveline componentry.

“These machines are also extremely popular among rental fleets,” he says. “So, when being used my multiple operators the opportunity to provide a consistent layout and functionality for operators is a big advantage.”

For prospective customers who have not used JCB machinery before, Greg says that the site dumper could also make a great introduction to the JCB range.

“With its focus on safety, ease of use and service, the product is a fantastic addition to any site and will not only increase productivity but provide peace of mind for companies looking to create a safe work environment for all operators.”

Greg says JCB customers can expect expert advice, support, and timely responses to enquiries through JCB CEA’s extensive network of dealers. With the consistency of the componentry, customers can also have peace of mind when it comes to service support, knowing that their local JCB dealer is experienced to handle their machinery requirements.

“The JCB dumper range is yet another product within the portfolio that reaffirms the brand’s position as customer focussed,” Greg says.

“Delivering products to market that not only meet demand, but offer productive and safe solutions is what sets JCB apart from its competitors.”

For more on the JCB site dumper range, visit: www.jcbcea.com.au


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