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UHI Machinery has added XCMG’s XR80E and XR240E rotary drilling rigs to its range.

The UHI Foundation Construction Product line-up has been boosted with the introduction of its UHI XR series Rotary Drilling Rig. Incorporating advanced technology and features to deliver greater productivity, the rotary drilling rigs include a full line of drilling tools, temporary casings, shoes, drive adapters, and teeth.

The rig has been custom-built for UHI Machinery by XCMG, one of the world’s top five construction machinery manufacturers. The rig’s simple hydraulic pilot controls and load sensing technology add superior operator comfort and efficiency.

Ideal for drilling in sand as well as cohesive, silty, and other soil types, the XR series Rotary Drilling Rig is manufactured on a hydraulic crawler telescopic chassis. The series features a self-landing folding mast, telescopic drill pipe, automatic vertical detection adjustment, and a digital display to monitor the drilling process.

The new line of XCMG manufactured rotary drilling rigs and associated tools are designed for both driven and drilled pile foundations. The UHI XR series rigs can perform Kelly drilling, continuous flight auger, full displacement piles, single column mixing and cased. The rigs can also be used for low headroom applications. Well suited for a variety of operations, these rigs accommodate different drilling tools for short spiral, rotary bucket, and core drilling plus long helix drill, underground wall grab or a vibration pile hammer.

Engineered to tackle a wide variety of tasks and challenges, the UHI rigs have the flexibility to meet any drilling requirement, particularly those demanded by municipal construction and infrastructure works, highway bridges, industrial and civil construction, underground wall, water conservation, anti-seepage slope, and other applications. Special needs can also be satisfied through available options that include cylinder pressurisation, hoisting pressure, casing drive, and high-speed soil throwing.

The robustly engineered XR series drilling rigs incorporate the latest safety features, while being competitively priced and powerful enough to take on the most challenging tasks. Their high performance is supported by a comprehensive Australia-wide after-sales service network.

Rotary Drilling Rig XR80E

This model comprises a base unit on crawlers and a drilling application module. Its design makes it a great solution for drilling foundations for port construction, railroad bridges and high-rise buildings and other boreholes in foundation engineering. The XR80E is highly suitable for telescopic friction and interlocking Kelly bars. Key advantages include:

  • A powerful electronically controlled and turbocharged Cummins engine that meets North American Tier 4 Final and Euro stage V emission standards
  • A special hydraulic telescopic crawler chassis (TDP series) has a large diameter slewing bearing for high stability
  • The hydraulic pressure system has threshold power and negative flow controls for high efficiency performance and improved energy conservation
  • Convenient maintenance with a centralised lubrication system
  • There is a choice of a standard configuration crowd cylinder or an optional multifunctional configuration for a crowd winch, CFA or rotary spray
  • The drilling rig can be transported with the Kelly bar installed.

Rotary Drilling Rig XR240E

This multifunctional machine is designed for rapid access to functions such as cylinder pressure, winch pressure, oscillator, CFA, and a dual power head. This flexibility makes them ideal for meeting a wide range of construction needs. The XR40E is designed to drill large diameter pile holes in hard layers.

Typical applications include hole-forming operations of cast-in-place concrete piles in constructing industrial and civil buildings as well as roads, railways, bridges, and other large infrastructure projects.

XR240E Drilling Rig offers:

  • An electronically controlled turbocharged Isuzu engine for lower fuel consumption and convenient service access
  • Improved work efficiency of 20 per cent for the rotary drive and the main winch
  • Significant cost reduction as a result of single-row wire rope technology for the main and auxiliary winches
  • The rig’s double jib parallelogram luffing mechanism has a large support angle and a 16 per cent increase in support range for more stable operation
  • Fast response and good handling performance is delivered by a hydraulic system with negative flow control technology
  • A high-power temperature-controlled independent hydraulic oil cooler addresses the challenges of high temperature construction environments. Automatic fan speed adjustment responds to temperature changes to save energy.

UHI customers benefit from comprehensive customer service that includes responsive end-to-end attention throughout each stage of the sales, commissioning, and after-sales process.

Other services include finance options to help UHI customers to fast-track deployment of new equipment. There is also the convenience of in-store pick-up and nationwide delivery. UHI branches are located in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Townsville.

For more information, email sales@unitedheavyindustries.com.au, or call
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