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Tough performers: Cat® 950 and 962 Wheel Loaders

A Cat 950 Wheel Loader carrying a bucket full of soil

Premium performance and simple-to-use technologies advance operating efficiency, productivity of the new Cat® 950 and 962 Wheel Loaders.

Delivering premium performance, the new Cat® 950 and 962 Next Generation Wheel Loaders feature standard simple-to-use technologies that boost operator efficiencies, provide consistent bucket fill factors and increase productivity by up to 10 per cent over the previous models. These flexible loaders offer application-specific designs to excel in the toughest applications, while service intervals are extended to lower maintenance costs by up to 30 per cent.

Their field proven, reliable Cat C7.1 engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 3 and offers high power density with a combination of proven electronics, fuel and air systems. An electric fuel self-priming pump, fuel water separator and secondary fuel filter combine with new component design to offer unmatched reliability and uptime.

Product Specialist Dick Mars details the introduction of the latest addition to the line of Cat next generation medium wheel loaders.

The new Cat 950 Wheel Loader.
The new Cat 950 Wheel Loader.

Simple-to-use technologies

“Similar to the 980 and 982 released in 2021, the 966 and 972 released in 2022, all six models in the updated 950 and 962 range represent a new generation in wheel loader performance and design created over a 60-year history,” Dick said.

“Feedback from years of research, coupled with customer panels and surveys, has resulted in the development of a new breed of machines that excel in performance, efficiency, safety, and comfort.”

All models in the updated 950 and 962 loader series feature standard Cat Payload with Assist for accurate weighing of bucket payloads, so operators can load to target the first time, every time. Real-time data is fed to the operator display and allows manual tip-off function to improve final bucket adjustments and truck load accuracy.

“Operators no longer need to worry about under or overloading their trucks with this standard Payload with Assist feature, which also focuses on reducing fuel burn and lessening operator fatigue,” Dick said.

The new Cat Autodig with Auto Set Tyres delivers consistently high bucket fill factors for the updated medium wheel loaders. Fully automating bucket loading, Autodig, improves fill factors and decreases loading time. Working in conjunction with Autodig, Auto Set Tyres promotes proper loading techniques to significantly reduce tyre slip and wear.

“When you pair Auto Set Tyres with the new Cat Autodig, it’s a no brainer,” Dick said. “You will experience a reduction in tyre slip and loading times. Your job becomes almost effortless because Autodig can automate your entire dig cycle all day long with consistently high bucket fill factors, adding up to 10 per cent more productivity.

“Similar to the other Next Gen loaders, these updated 950 and 962 models allow for customised profiles for customer-specific applications, new Application Profiles set multiple machine parameters with the press of one button to optimise settings for the job. Selectable on-screen Job Aids, along with streamlined new layout, facilitates loader operation, allowing operators of all experience levels to be more productive. One press of the button to set up Application Profiles that enables multiple machine parameters for the work being done and you’re all set for the job.

The new high-resolution touch displays affords intuitive, user-friendly operation.

“In addition, by wirelessly connecting the machine to the office, Product Link™ gives access to production and essential machine health information for making fact-based decisions.”

Loader and operation productivity are further enhanced with optional Cat technologies. Available Cat Advanced Payload with Assist includes Tip Off Assist to automate load adjustment of the final bucket to match target. Plus, its enhanced lists management, site integration, and extended scale features help manage and improve productivity. Also helping to improve profitability of operations, the optional Cat Productivity subscription provides detailed and comprehensive actionable information.

“The Tip Off Assist button helps operators to accurately hit their targets every time,” Dick said. “It takes out all the guesswork and ensures higher accuracy through cycle time consistency to target, eliminating re-weigh errors.”

Greater efficiency and production

The consistently high bucket fill factors provided by new Autodig with Auto Set Tires delivers up to 10 per cent more productivity for the 950 and 962, compared to the previous models. Single clutch and lock-to-lock shifting of the 5-speed transmission offers faster acceleration and speed on grades. The new loaders offer improved traction with standard front manual differential locks, with optional automatic front and rear differential locks available, to increase productivity, reduce tyre scuffing, and lower operating costs.

“In Australia, the 950 and 962 are equipped with our parallel Z-bar linkage,” Dick said. “The parallel Z-bar linkage offers parallel lift capability for precise integrated work tool control (IT as a Utility) as well as providing high breakout force at ground level that can be switched in the cab.

“In addition, the Cat Performance Series Buckets balance bucket shape, profile, and features against the loader’s linkage, resulting in faster bucket loading cycles that reduce fuel consumption and support higher fill factors and better material retention. For added convenience, the Cat Fusion™ Quick Coupler offers easy tool changes without the operator leaving the cab. This allows the machine to move quickly from task to task.”

A Cat 950 Wheel Loader carrying precast concrete
The Cat Payload with Assist feature means operators no longer need to worry about under or overloading their trucks.

Elevated comfort and safety

New Sound suppression, seals, and viscous cab mounting decreases noise levels and vibration feedback to the operator for a quieter and more comfortable work environment. Providing excellent comfort and accuracy, the standard HMU steering wheel offers precise machine control. A seat-mounted electro-hydraulic joystick steering option replaces the HMU steering wheel to deliver low-arm-fatigue operation, like the standard offered on the larger 966 through to 982 Next Gen Loaders. New in-cab dashboard and high-resolution touch displays afford intuitive, user-friendly operation.

The new 950 and 962 come standard with a rear-vision camera to enhance visibility behind the loader and work safely. Industry-leading all-around visibility is achieved through the cab’s floor-to-ceiling windshield, large mirrors with integrated spot mirrors, and rear-vision camera. Optional Multiview (360-degree) vision system, Cat Detect radar technology, access light, and an under-hood service lighting system are available to further enhance safe operation and maintenance.

“We take safety to the next level with Cat Detect technology. It’s similar to our cars where an audible and visual alarm sounds when you are reversing close to objects behind you,” Dick explained.

“The new next generation of wheel loaders is built with safety in mind. We want to keep the jobsite safe for everyone, aided by enhanced features in the cab such as standard monitored seat belts with an optional exterior beacon feature for supervisors, and the cab windshield which extends from floor-to-ceiling improves visibility.”

Lower maintenance time and costs

“One thing you will be quick to notice is the savings in maintenance time and costs,” Dick said. “The ongoing filter and fluid costs are now up to 30 per cent lower on the new models thanks to new change intervals.”

Connecting the machine to a Cat dealer’s service department, Remote Troubleshoot helps to efficiently diagnose problems, so the loader can get back to work quickly. Ensuring the new loaders operate with the most up to date software, Remote Flash pushes software updates to the machine in the background and installation can be initiated by the customer in a safe manner, reducing impact on production schedules. The Cat App helps to manage fleet location, hours, and maintenance schedules, and provides alerts for required maintenance.

The new 950 and 962 can be ordered direct from the Caterpillar factory with application-specific configurations to optimise performance and machine durability in the toughest applications. Subject to regional availability, industrial and waste models feature additional guarding and reinforcement, while the forestry model increases lift and tilt capabilities of the loader using a different linkage.

More information on the new Cat 950 and 962 Wheel Loaders can be found by contacting a Cat dealer or visiting:


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