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ToolKwip water cart trailers: Going with the flow


ToolKwip has released what is possibly the ultimate water cart trailer, specifically designed to suit the demands of rugged Australian sites.

The importance of the humble water cart trailer cannot be understated.

They play a crucial role in various industries and applications due to their versatility and importance in transporting and distributing water.

At construction sites, of course, they’re commonly used to suppress dust, control soil compaction, and keep construction materials moist. They help maintain a safe and efficient working environment by reducing airborne particles that can pose health risks to workers and nearby residents.

In mining and quarrying operations, water cart trailers are used for dust control to comply with environmental regulations and ensure the safety of workers, while also assisting in controlling dust generated during material extraction and processing.

Other uses include road maintenance, where they’re indispensable for providing water for activities such as compacting soil, stabilising gravel roads, and controlling dust on highways; and in agriculture, where the trailers are used for irrigation purposes, especially in areas where there’s limited access to water sources or during periods of drought. They are also utilised for watering livestock, lessening dust spread in barns and stables, and helping fight fires.

So it’s vital that the quality of water cart trailers used in any operation can’t be compromised. And that’s where Toolkwip Pumps comes in.

The family-owned and operated business specialises in the supply of pumps, filtration and flow meters to industrial, civil construction, quarries and mining applications.

It’s a major stockist and distributor for leading brands, with new pumping products constantly sourced and evaluated for features, innovative design, quality and value to provide the market with products that, as the business states, are “simply better”.

Among these releases is the FLO-KWIP Dust King water cart trailer, which has been specifically designed to suit the demands of rugged Australian sites.

There are four models currently available, catering for volumes of 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000 litres respectively, along with a range of slip-on units up to 17,000 litres.

The unit uses an Australian-made water cartage tank, heavy duty fully galvanised trailer with Landcruiser stud pattern wheels, and LED lights.

Features include:

  • ‘Twin-impeller’ high pressure pump powered by a genuine Honda petrol engine
  • 2” rear-deflector spray with the option of remote control, so that the spray can be turned on and off from the vehicle cab
  • Heavy duty spring-rewind hosereel, fitted with 30m hose and adjustable nozzle
  • Safety ball baffle system

The Dust Kings are easily transportable around locations or around the work site.

The dust spray can be controlled by a remote control from within the vehicle, or it can be parked and manually operated with an optional pressure blaster. This is also ideal for washing down machinery on sites.

The unit uses an Australian-made water cartage tank.

As an added bonus, the cart trailers are fully customisable to customer requirements, with plenty of optional extras available as needed.

These include:

Suction hose and rack

  • 6 metre suction hose with strainer so that the pump can be used for ‘self-filling’ the tank
  • Galvanised rack for storage of suction hose

Remote dust spray control

  • Electric solenoid valve for the dust spray
  • Hand-held remote allowing the dust spray to be turned on and off from the cabin of the vehicle

Upgrade to all-terrain types

  • Ideal for use on rough terrain and/or muddy sites
  • Gives the trailer that added ‘tough look’
  • Extra grip for safety

Diesel-powered pump upgrade

  • Electric start
  • Yanmar diesel engine

Spray bar

  • Quality steel construction
  • Perfect for dust suppression on construction sites
  • Pressure spray for road cleaning
  • Dribble spray bar for dust suppression

Petrol-powered pressure blaster

  • Choose from a range of pressure blasters that can be included on your trailer

Upgrade to professional washdown gun

  • Selectable spray patterns
  • Aluminium construction with stainless steel components
  • High efficiency so you can work faster

For more information, call the Toolkwip Team on 03 8805 0500 or visit the website, email: sales@


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