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Toolkwip Pumps: Demystifying dewatering


When it comes to dewatering, it is essential to consult a company with the necessary expertise in providing services and equipment suited for the task.

Water is essential for life, of course, but too much of it can also be the bane of many earthmoving and construction projects.

Dewatering plays a crucial role in earthmoving projects for several reasons:

Ground stability: Excessive water in the soil can compromise its stability, leading to erosion, landslides, and other hazards. Dewatering ensures safer working conditions for construction equipment and personnel.

Excavation efficiency: Waterlogged soil is more challenging to excavate, slowing construction progress and increasing costs. Reducing the moisture content of the soil allows for more efficient earthmoving operations.

Construction foundation: Excess water in the soil can weaken the foundation, leading to settlement issues and structural damage over time. Dewatering ensures that the soil is adequately compacted and stable, providing a solid base for construction.

Environmental compliance: Dewatering helps manage water runoff and prevent soil erosion, which is critical for maintaining environmental compliance on construction sites. By controlling water levels, dewatering helps minimise the impact of construction activities on nearby water bodies and ecosystems.

Cost savings: Efficient dewatering practices can result in significant cost savings by reducing the time and resources required for earthmoving operations. By optimising water management, construction companies can lessen downtime, equipment wear and tear,  and material wastage, ultimately lowering  project costs.

Risk mitigation:
Dewatering helps mitigate  risks associated with water-related issues such as flooding, groundwater contamination, and soil instability. By proactively managing water levels on the construction site, project managers can lower the likelihood of costly delays, accidents, and environmental incidents.

Toolkwip Pumps, a leading civil pumps specialist, stands out in the market with its unique offerings.

As a family-owned and operated business since 1993, Toolkwip Pumps has been providing clients with not just products, but innovative solutions tailored to their needs.

This commitment to personal service and customised solutions sets Toolkwip Pumps apart in the industry.

Marketing Manager Lisa O’Driscoll said that whether it’s a basic trench or footings that need pumping out with a small electric submersible pump or a flex-drive submersible pump, through to large wellpoint dewatering projects and river diversions, the company provides it all.

“Often, a successful and well-thought-out dewatering plan set-up at the correct time can have a very large impact on the success of a project,” she said.

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when planning for dewatering, which can include:

• Ground conditions, for example, sandy, rock, swamp area, etc.
• Water sources, for example, creek, rain events, water table, natural swamp, etc.
• Water quality – Is it clean? What is the turbidity range? Is the pH neutral?
• Do local government bodies, water authorities or EPA require you to treat the water, particularly if you are pumping water off site?
• What is the required flow rate/amount of water?
• What size pump or pumps do you require?
• What style of pump is best, for example, electric submersible, hydraulic submersible, diesel-powered auto prime pump set?

“The list goes on and on. This is where the Toolkwip Pumps team come into their own,” Lisa said.

“We offer a complete solution including technical design advice and assistance in selecting the right pump. We can even custom build to fit the specific application and provide on-site commissioning if needed.

“We stock a very comprehensive range of quality brands of pumps, generators, hoses, valves and fittings and offer fast delivery direct to sites.”


Included in Toolkwip’s range are the following renowned brands:

• Selwood auto-prime pump sets
• Flo-Kwip trash pumps and submersible pumps
• Hydra-Tech submersible pumps
• Sulzer submersible dewatering pumps
• Tsurumi submersible pumps
• Flextool flex-drive pumps and drive units

“Our Service Team are also available to provide on-site preventative maintenance service and a 24/7 emergency response service for all critical repairs, keeping our customers pumping with little downtime,” Lisa said.


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