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Tilt Rotators Australia Driven By The Passion Of Brendan Refalo

Tilt Rotators Australia was formally known as Kinshofer Australia driven by the passion of Brendan Refalo.

Back in 2014 Brendan started the Kinshofer brand in Australia with a vision to introduce high quality specialised equipment along with the vision of tilt rotators in the civil sector. Brendan grew up around machines with his father owning machines along with over 12 years of experience operating in the rail as a third generation rail worker. Brendan has seen the evolution of tilt rotators in the rail industry over the last seven years. He was planning on building a high rail machine but felt he needed an edge with a tilt rotator, so Brendan searched the internet and found the Kinshofer NOX. One thing led to another and before he knew it five years had passed with over 300 + deliveries and customers all over Australia.

Building off the back of this, TRA will still sell Kinshofer attachments as well as Doherty couplers and buckets with a main focus on hydraulic tilting rotating attachments. The business plan will always be the same for Brendan: adding value to customers’ businesses by sharing his knowledge and experience to create solutions to the problems customers face.

TRA are based in Sydney with Curtis Brooks heading up the workshop. They have the ability to carry out welding and hydraulic repairs, manufacture head plates, along with 3D drawing design work. They also have a breakdown van ready to roll.

TRA enjoy doing things that other people may think is too hard. So if you’re in the market consider talking to TRA because they are truly a one-stop shop for everything you need.

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