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Three Things You Didn’t Know Your Bobcat® Loader Could Do


Bobcat Loaders are incredibly powerful and versatile machines that can do so much more than just dig dirt.

Here are just three examples:


Easily rip through hard and soft woods with the Bobcat 70-inch forestry cutter attachment. This impressive attachment turns trees and underbrush from unsightly overgrowth to mulch.

Punch into large-diameter trees and bring the uppermost limbs quickly to the ground.

The forestry cutter’s tube-style drum and spiral tooth pattern allow one tooth to engage at a time, so operation is smooth and less horsepower is required to do the job.

The compact size of the forestry cutter allows for any type of removal job, whether clearing every tree in an area or selectively thinning stands. Simply lower the forestry cutter onto the tree and its fast-cutting teeth rips it to shreds, turning it into a bed of mulch that slows growth and provides organic material.


Cut and mill concrete and asphalt with the controlled removal process of the planer attachment.

The Bobcat Planer transforms your loader into an efficient, cost-effective milling machine. It’s ideal for street repairs, matching uneven pavement surfaces, cutting drainage in parking lots and cleaning up around larger milling machines.

The milling process involves low angle, high velocity blows in a controlled pattern that uniformly chips pavement. Depth, width, and slope control are easily set and maintained by the operator. Milled material can be immediately recycled, nicely finishing any asphalt and repair jobs. The Bobcat planer attachment is much less expensive to maintain and more manoeuvrable than dedicated planers.


Powered by the carrier’s high-flow hydraulics, the rugged, powerful Bobcat Wheel Saw cuts through asphalt, concrete, frozen ground, wire mesh and other hard materials with more precision than either air or hydraulic breakers. Use it for road repair and cutting trenches for laying water, gas, electric and fibre-optic cable lines.

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