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The value of a webcast

When all face-to-face events were cancelled last year, many of us had to find new ways to get in front of our customers and share insights and have open discussions about industry topics and outlooks. In stepped the webcasts – an easy way to engage with your customers, prospects or industry colleagues, answer questions and continue to put a face to your brand or company while we were all in lockdown.

Webcasts, or webinars can be interactive, have more than one host, include Q&A’s and polls, and really create a new way of engaging and delivering insights to your key audience.


Content that resonates with your audience
What does your target audience want to hear? What are they talking about lately? It could be the latest data released from an industry body, new product innovations, Government reforms or even just insights from someone else working in the industry. Spend some time doing your research to find out what will work best.

Make sure your audience feels involved
Your audience won’t be engaged if you’re just reading off a script for the entire webcast. Make sure you put in questions for the audience to respond to, or have a feature where you can do a live Q&A or poll. This gives you more to discuss in the webcast as well.

Actionable and valuable insights
The majority of us join webcasts to learn something, so make sure there are simple takeaways for your viewers that they could implement in their business straight away. For example, top tips for machinery maintenance or what’s the next step you need to do with a lead from a field day.

An engaging host that is well prepared
Your hosts need to be well prepared with potential questions they might be asked so the session runs smoothly without any hiccups. You want them to feel authentic and genuine, and actually know what they’re talking about, while guiding the conversation between the panellists.

Webcasts are turning into a really useful tool for business. If you’re looking to host one make sure you’re prepared with your content, and you know what your audience wants to hear about from you.

And don’t forget test runs are important too! Tech issues are always a problem with webinars, so make sure you nut out any problems beforehand.

If you’re stuck preparing for your next webcast – help is only an email away – .

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