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The Real Thing : Multi grab bucket MK3 by Attach2

Attach2 introduced the first Multi Grab Bucket back in 2011 in New Zealand. At the time it was a revolutionary concept in grab attachments, and quickly became a valued tool in an earthmover’s arsenal.

But with an even more diverse environment of earthmoving in Australia, the Multi Grab Bucket could be just the tool you need to tackle jobs where a thumb just won’t cut it and you need more versatility than a grapple.

The Multi Grab Bucket Mk3 by Attach2 is a cross between a grapple and a bucket. This unique combination was engineered for grabbing performance and strength to fill a heavy-duty grab role with extra versatility.

By focusing on grab performance, the fixed bucket side of the attachment is more angular and boxed because this suits picking up materials and comfortably handling the high amount of grab force exerted by the grab thumb.

The flat bottom and back bucket of the bucket is made from high quality wear plate steel, which is equivalent to Hardox with extra structural and wear plating for working with abrasive and heavy materials. The mounting ears and hydraulics are located on the back of the bucket, protecting them and the hitch from damage by placing them far from the grab’s working area.

The Multi Grab Bucket’s unique thumb or beak design has its pivot point securely welded to the bucket chassis, improving the overall strength of the attachment. The grab thumb has a long pivot arm maximising the mechanical advantage from the cylinder, which also includes a smart check valve that maintains hydraulic pressure without the operator needing to keep the flow open to maintain the thumbs position.

Perfectly suited to jobs that require strength and some bulk material handling, the Multi Grab Bucket is equally at home with small to medium demolition works to forestry and agriculture.

The high-strength build isn’t just for specialist jobs, it completely replaces the use of a traditional thumb with a separate attachment that can do more and when not required be kept on the trailer without having to carry around the extra weight of the thumb on the dipper arm. In fleet situations a Multi Grab Bucket can be shared amongst excavators that require it on the job rather than fitting all excavators with a thumb or moving the thumb-equipped excavator to the site.

Join the Multi Grab Bucket revolution and improve your excavator’s productivity with the Multi Grab Bucket.

Get your Multi Grab Bucket from Attach2 – the original Multi Grab Bucket supplier. Attach2 – 1800 095 689 or All Attach2 attachments come with an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

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