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Genuine Cat® linkage pins and bearings aid rotation on your machine to deliver the performance that is vital to your operation.

Pins may be low on the priority list, but they’re high on the productivity list. It’s no secret that taking care of your machine helps improve your bottom line. That’s why inspections, maintenance and proper replacement using genuine Cat® linkage pins and bearings are vital to your operation.

Wherever rotation occurs on your machine, it’s the job of genuine Cat linkage pins to support the movement. Working together as a system, Cat linkage pins and bearings are specifically designed to deliver the performance you expect.

Why is it so important to choose genuine Cat linkage pins and bearings?

Caterpillar engineers work to tight tolerances, matching the parts’ dimensions, materials, heat treatment, surface treatments and finish. Genuine Cat linkage pins and bearings fit your machine perfectly, wearing effectively with all neighbouring and dependent parts.

With so much riding on your linkage pins and bearings, it’s a good idea to listen to expert advice. Clarine Koh, Aftermarket Services Consultant for Caterpillar, understands the importance of keeping your machines running as planned.

“Cat linkage pins and bearings are designed specifically to fit Cat machine dimensions to ensure precise bucket control, leaving room for sufficient lubrication,” Koh said.

“Pins and bearings that are too big or small can cause sloppy bucket movements. This undermines productivity and can cause excessive wear.”

As you would expect, Genuine Cat linkage pins and bearings are also quality tested to ensure more time between replacement. That means less downtime and more savings in the long run.

Genuine Cat linkage pins and bearings are quality tested to lengthen the time between replacement.

Maintenance is vital

Poor maintenance can result in unplanned downtime so it’s critical to include Genuine Cat linkage pins and bearings in your maintenance schedule. The benefits are clear:

  • Maintain smooth bucket movement and accuracy when working.
  • Maintain ability to take on high load conditions.
  • Prevent wear to bigger components.
  • Help avoid costly downtime due to unplanned repairs.

Help keep your machine running and your work precise. Choose only genuine Cat® linkage pins and bearings.

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