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Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson’s range of articulated wheel loaders combine agility with powerful lifting and biting forces to put real versatility into the hands of construction industry professionals.

They also offer the perfect alternative to skid steer loaders – performing the same tasks, faster, more smoothly, without skidding or tearing up the ground. They are more economical to operate, offering up to 30 per cent fuel savings and reduced tire wear.

They can make tight turns in confined spaces, and are perfect for carrying, loading and transporting all kinds of materials, from bricks and beehives to soil, gravel and rubble.

The Wheel Loader range provides exceptional manoeuvrability, with articulated steering dramatically reducing a machine’s turning circle –brilliant in tight spaces.

Their series of machines offer a choice of power and performance ratings, thanks to a range of powerful Perkins and Deutz diesel engines, so you can match the machine to the job. With the standard hydraulic quick-hitch system, a wide variety of attachments can be fitted, including different style buckets, brooms, pallet forks and many more.

Wacker Neuson

The variety of attachments makes each of these machines an ideal tool carrier for all jobs. Coupled with advanced kinematics that create enormous lifting and biting forces, you can get more done, more efficiently.

The Wheel Loaders are German designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards and tolerances for reliability and long service life. Design extends to a well thought-out access to critical systems and components, all focused on keeping downtime to a minimum. The latest engine technology pursuant to the latest exhaust emission standards makes the wheel loader a powerhouse in action.

Ergonomic cabs and cabins have been designed to keep operators comfortable, safe and productive for longer with less stress and fatigue. All controls and instrumentation are clear, easy to operate and fall naturally to hand.

The powerful load-arm design makes a quick and efficient materials handling machine and all electrical functions of attachment tools can optionally be operated by a joystick. Greater visibility ensures optimum safety and superior versatility. This increases efficiency and allows faster workflow.


Wacker Neuson

Only the right attachment turns these machines into true problem solvers for your respective work task. Various attachments are available to ensure Wacker Neuson wheel loaders are highly functional multi-tools that meet any application. The possibilities are almost endless from buckets, pallet forks, sweepers, grabs and even snow blowers. Let your imagination run and picture the possibilities.

Like all Wacker Neuson products, the Wheel Loader series of machines benefit from WACKER’s extensive service and support network throughout Australia, which includes rapid delivery of spare parts and trained service technicians.


Wacker Neuson

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