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The people’s antenna

C.R. Kennedy’s Nick Leith breaks down the features of the new Leica iCON GPS 160 Smart Antenna, and how it can help boost productivity for contractors large and small.

Backed by more than 200 years of history, Leica Geosystems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of sensor technology – one trusted by the mining, infrastructure, and construction industries across Australia and beyond.

Like all smart technology, GNSS (global navigation satellite system) technology continues to evolve and mature, and C.R. Kennedy – Australia’s sole distributor for Leica Geosystems – is keeping Australia up to date with the latest solutions available.

The latest example is Leica’s new iCON GPS 160 Smart Antenna, which debuted locally in May.

The Leica iCON GPS 160 is a rugged, all-weather and reliable smart antenna specifically designed for use in construction-site surveying applications. It features a high-precision dual-frequency GPS receiver which provides highly accurate positioning data, even in areas with poor satellite coverage.

With a rugged IP66/IP67 certified aluminium housing, the GPS 160 can be used in any conditions.

High-tech all-rounder

According to Nick Leith, C.R. Kennedy’s Machine Control Manager for Victoria and Tasmania, the versatility offered by Leica’s iCON GPS 160 is unmatched, with applications across the entire job site.

“The GPS 160 can help contractors do everything from stake out and set out, to as-built and cut and fill – all very easily,” he says.

“It can work off any brand of base station, a network rover, or a UHF rover. It has various on-machine applications as well – for example, it can be used as an indicate system for a dozer, scraper, or grader.

“The technology inside the unit is next level in terms of computing power, too. It’s really the most technologically advanced antenna product in the market right now.”

Some of the technology packed into the GPS 160 includes:

  •  An integrated global modem
  •  A colour display with an intuitive interface
  •  The latest real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning technology, ensuring quick initialisation and reliability
  •  SmartLink Fill to bridge RTK signal interruptions for up to 10 minutes.
The unit is perfect for owner operators and tier one contractors alike.

The unit is also optionally available with calibration-free tilt compensation functionality, which allows users to lean the pole at angles up 20 degrees. This enables faster readings in awkward places, such as up against walls.

Nick says the GPS 160’s multitude of uses also means it has something to offer almost anybody in the construction industry.

“It’s what is commonly referred to as a ‘foreman solution’, or a ‘site-supervisor solution’, which means anybody in the construction field can pick it up and go to work with it very quickly,” he says. “It’s very intuitive and easy to use.

“It’s designed to be used by owner operators all the way through to tier one contractors. And it’s especially well-suited to the big state government joint ventures.”

What’s more, the GPS 160’s durable IP66/IP67 certified aluminium housing means the unit can withstand even the toughest conditions.

“Australia offers some of the harshest conditions in the world,” Nick says. “From the freezing cold of Tasmania to 45- to 50-degree temperatures out in the middle of the Kimberleys, or the deserts of the Northern Territory.

“It’s essentially limitless in terms of where you can use it and what you can do with it.”

Global tech, local support

Nick says C.R. Kennedy is committed to providing not only the quality products and tailored solutions for customers, but also the very best after-sales support – from technical support and service to training.

“All of our products come with TeamViewer pre-installed and free-of-charge for the life of the product,” Nick says. “TeamViewer allows us to provide our customers with remote support or training – potentially anywhere in the world.

“The GPS 160 also has the ability to connect to Leica ConX, Leica’s cloud-based monitoring and management tool.”

C.R. Kennedy is based in Port Melbourne, with a national network of more than 260 staff across branches in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart, Perth, and Cairns.

As an introductory offer, C.R. Kennedy is offering 18 months of SmartNet for the price of 12 months, or a two-year iCON site CCP with the purchase of an iCG160 or iCG160 Tilt. For further information, visit: www.survey.crkennedy.com.au

The unit’s high-precision dual-frequency GPS receiver provides highly accurate positioning data, even in areas with limited satellite coverage.
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